Monday, May 8th

The Wake Up Call read some more "Missed Connections" they found on Craiglist:

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It is simply can call one 65 the end everyone's guide him back here I just. I honestly see maybe some other damage tomorrow Maria went okay you know on grocery out and we're all good though yes direct our our right. Is hundreds. It is 542. Mondays on the way to causes go back the plan we had Mondays on the way to golf. We elected you will miss connections missed connections from Craigslist for people fell in love crosses. Across the patent and he Tom brought. Find that person. Service connections here we are. So now the wake of Thomas connections. This one is tide only Easter 2013 wal mart's low lying woman for a man. Starts off of the obvious. It's been a few years sure but it was east here when I saw you buy a random chance. I necessary words there all meetings they SR and random chance right. There's fewer wins which seemed to be your father having a deep conversation as you were shopping. I believe he knows me as well you're very tol. Ya ma. The UNS to honor the yummy yum. And I don't believe you are from around here Williams. You're dark complicated. Biggest complaint is sure to mr. if you are dark complected. I had a child with me I have. I have very very very very very long hair. You're the most beautiful being I could ever lay I design and I still think about. Sorry and I still think that somehow I will see you again even if it has been for years and may take four more. I can wait for you. I think that more people when they say something nice to somebody else should copilot with an slogans farmer from a company up. Like young new look good today. Young and. RO I have am out like wow you and zags ZE. Brash and. Like that yeah yeah I put a happy time. Jason just do it compared. I looked into it she had a child with her hand. Let's hope both cars or somebody's you know I'm assuming that's an issue wrapped up the Nile while the blond hair just. Kidnap or when did Wal-Mart handout or ram and they stop hitting random Joseph Mike topic in the eighties house 12013 yeah would have added around and yet. Are you how ever was there on all of what you what you mean like maybe she felt. I'd do a little bit more Morgan 2013 had a special Easter promotion where with every purchase of 25 dollars or more you got a human being. I won that series you can molding to whoever you want did saved that he all ahead determine whether or not they could like. PM all a trial marriages they started to ML multiplied like I said no no there's not a tie lines are getting to learn. You know how good just like hey you look like your trustworthy January no other baby happy Easter and now. I don't know this to beef back to and I know that was DC a series and that was the reason but I'm fairly certain anyone wearing a suit. In Wal-Mart is corporate they have to be right. I was BA yeah you have to reach out to Wal-Mart dot corporate job and just like ever whose college guys add ons that yes you manage your man. Once again it was vsphere. Well that yeah as well so. Here's kind of beat. Wearing suits it's one of them one of the only days you Wear your suit did do church yet that is true and Omar and then what do you do after church you go Wal-Mart right. Like him like everybody and you watch the great lord above rollback try that is exactly. CME. Elena it's the relive a GA has risen not Wal-Mart. You don't blow yeah. Yeah if if if a man has so many questions. Young mare. Katie league conference missed connections in the wake of. I know maple syrup guy hey it is they woman four man. Really the last thing. Muggers and again. Okay thank god it's over here it may pull Serb I woman Birmingham and a post office who offered to buying the European cake. And then picked up a package of broken maples are bottles he made my morning. I explain that I may be fatal error I'm getting involved. And a multi level Sarah schema and you said I was not the first. And I pay much herb in the bottles of certain. Sell these. I have no mandatory. But at least I didn't get a smile from you an offer of rock fest if you remember me. Those Europe Carl I'll allow pleases. You'll like it when men hit are you sure what the guy says a lot by U pinky. And you're not paying and not a restaurant. Know you're out let's say a bank OK okay and it I would early closed I being gay yeah I mean imminent. A rare because that's how they are hungry. Well again he's a hungry but you know I I know you probably see he got figure you never have more than one bank. Land. And you know I mean you could say hey do you wanna have dinner Burnett's obese sake. I like the specificity. Yeah. S of this city it's Serbs Beth now that again. Exactly what I can order a day had no mortal. And by you burger and yeah just widened one burger Bubba burger. Are their Fries included in that then things are getting convoluted drama about you tell me. This unit generated random. The multilevel Serb marketing scheme yet it's like a Ponzi schemes on entomology schemes. Thank you very similar you can you say like I'm in think they say they give you enough and now. And then your friends you get more and leasing agents given Iran's air balls with this you know you're right sir. Give away your doing your rock now right on. Still it did is it and get other people does turns out athlete you can get some of their sleep. It's our money I am not just sell it you have didn't sell the program. You know you can sell I'll bottle of syrup or you could sell them the lights are lifestyle. I imagine the imagine making 500000 dollars a year from the comfort of your overall got very sick and tired of being thick empire right. And he you know let our body that is sticky is viewed by him. Well not just serve and there's a lot like small food item and beverages. There's no my husband my cousin on my mom my cousin went bankrupt army powdered ice team makes scheme will hold that was sad sad that I'll. And she wouldn't do it thinking. He. Actually WiMax a wireless bankers. The money had been safer to. Trans or not. Is so he's still hitting millions that is sad inflicted. I completely. As is your right this is saddened guys don't all four guys say no to pyramid schemes. Say yes sir yes yeah it only trust wanted to use Oreo. Peerman. Ate the Oreo one is fine you can as they saved one and same freaking everybody like knows a thing if you Dooley Eddie Oreo scheme and get on the yeah how I had been academy and those trips across your real. Mr. sessions come quick get off. Evan. Look at her special black lady. Oh man for woman. Every picture of what I'll tell you at the pictures and second. Used to date this woman named Sherry and she live ends sack at all. She had. Of kids. Tool. Have kids and then she moved to a fair field nursing. She is to come all over and then it and grow always that. That mine mouth I watched TV. Show up punk rock me. She likes. She's really. Really really. Heavy and she's all. If you know this woman please tell. To contact me my name is Joseph. And I lived in Elk Grove and she used to take care of all. And she with the caregiver it's usually drive a Porsche a hated stop oh have I wasn't sure he was just. Describing his dream one. And if this is an actual woman very specific. An Angel sent from heaven if you well from Sherry out from where she is what she used to work in Sacramento Houston she's turn up in Texas hello content you who have been the second attempt though. I'm a different. Fat FDA. Food at the NACA. PP MP TO. Well I'm glad they heat made it clear that she is not did not go to a nursing home no she's a nurse she's dinar a shame. He drives the portions is it is amazing the country she picked up ours or less happens. Yeah I'm more words used to come over it is not like gas and watch TV OK I don't really alive but but to go over the picture that is included with this I know this is visual bugged me. One patient the gentleman has assured off. One picture the gentleman has assured on. The sure all picture. He spices it up still with a bandanna on his head so he looks like a member of the sons there aren't sure if he's all tattoos all the time. On the next one and the bandanna by the way is all the way down to the bridges you know see here really sees size and excellent no Bandana shirt on necklaces pulled out over hobbled the shirts they lay on top pitcher Joseph Maddon. Goal I. Then. Home alone so that might explains. Grammatical errors. Hole. OK I'm never gonna say you prototype and closed one guy. I think half the Q I a year to say it would explain why can't we all love how because she was doing nursing and I have. Well on the yeah not uniting to I don't think he needed nursing and rehab. Hi I don't think so again I would think it's more of an explanation for the type advocate on wanna I have a hard. Did not Mitt change this time your voice if you close warm. I was trying to reasonably should talk I. They're really random reference should. Keyboards once your kids hey I want to see you again has his. You know a lot of the wrongs in your head turn if you had when you probably put the good eye on the keyboard. And I you're you're the general. Does everything goes well I haven't heard my eye. Hey you yeah. And in new it is a ended in Yemen and if you really wanted to I I heard the parent your eye on as desired jarred her mention. Oh just the first one. Day she won't get that if he was just like how David after the eighth and. You don't have rampant in the how does she lied about it Bob lives or rabbit out of babe we. A guy that kind yeah it was kind of races after her nose explain them third movie I. Call. I am.