Missing Man Shows Up in Sac

Friday, February 16th

A man went missing while skiing in New York and showed up in Sac six days later. Gabe has theories. 


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How was this her crazy story. A guy from Toronto. Went to a ski resort in upstate New York for an annual ski trip disappears. Has gone data Tracy. For six days. They find him. Is Sacramento well. Why yeah yeah we went in front. He's from Toronto lives in trial up firefighters there went on an annual ski trip in upstate New York. Wilmington New York which I'm not sure how near Lake Placid okay. Gone for six days friends couldn't find and the people that we knew he was on the trip went in upstate new York at the ski resort said in Wheaton we lost we don't worry is we can't find. A hell of a slow six days later he calls 911. From Sacramento cell. Still in the same ski clothes he was in the way any lives in New York. In Sacramento. And these say weary bitter or what I'm doing yeah. The article but Zack. I don't know. Yeah all the all the. But boy producer gave communion. All right now I'm no expert. But I think I got this figured out but I just I know X certain that the international and how well my first instinct was obviously. Terry in time. Teasing tearing Thai military in time and he's on this mound and he goes you're the chair. And he ends up an anti terror in time and space and to act in W being serious or her for sure this has happened in the past this is your first instinct this is my first scene I think about it the more I think about it critically yeah I'm thinking aliens is probably a better option. That's probably why he was gone so long and why I think I read that there were bits and pieces and scared that he can kinda over kind of remember in the back of his mind. All C member. And you I didn't really end our need more realistic explanations. Old car and did his time and we're sure so light. Well that's why he they put his clothes back on him that's why he's wearing the same clothes and probably is but I can't speak for now I know that they have done that and I wanna say this and I'm not gonna say they gave is right or thinking rationally. Well miles it. But if I gave. Any of us I mean included like just whatever money I have in my pocket at time and said get across the country. By any means necessary. But what nothing on me yeah I'm sure I could do it in six days so I can do it. All right cell while Gabe was creating a new episode that he chaired that I've done if the movie it. Not sure what I found a few more details on this missing firefighter Gregory yeah. Well he actually it says here he hat is believed he had some sort of head injury. Could not remember exactly what happened he mostly slept well in a big rig any per. Sell its own points. Data over a thousand dollars in cash on them X and I'm ski and snowboard half. What's cash do you bring with you on the mountain I mean nine I or whatever is in my wallet I don't bring extra cats are great. If I if I'm bringing money it's whatever irony have so he had a thousand dollars when he went skiing but no cellphone. Now itself and no identification. And no I didn't just thousand dollars cash show and snow and while while there they found him near the rental car facility at the Sacramento international airport on the label on the self out. At some point yes. Didn't colony. I was in until he finally called his wife who recognized his voice and said he called her by a nickname. That from that point forward she convinced him to call 911 since he had been missing person call or price. I don't I don't think so it doesn't say here gives alien theory might see. Does sound. More would you please you want little Antilles island and coast plaza not at all I just. I wouldn't even know who. Well they injured his head TD but I'm OK you are still benefit. It's neck.