Mocked For Soap

Friday, July 6th

The cashier that Gavin had was making fun of the names of the soup he uses:

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PM. Sixth man like that call overcast alt A today high of 93 we have front row tickets to see here styles of the gold ones that are Monday night. Your windows coming up at 740 duty known name movie game. At a very interesting interaction with the check out lady at the grocery stores the other day. And share with what you call listeners this story. Well at the grocery store have a great interaction with those people there might end. This is the place where it's not a I don't want a night as photographers. But I went in and I without two things. So. And here. Now I understand everybody. That. Act and old's life. They register high on the do you scale. Yeah. Not not I don't I don't use the act. Reprieve I don't do that okay I am I alone like grown up hey hey spotlight. All right makes great so. Always and I. Act act. Rather it. Ain't it goes well with my hair. Gel. Thank you thank you. Days but they register high on the beauty product. They have ridiculous name there's stuff well not that big check out lady she was. Elderly. She looks nice though he gets that Evans goes though with all. I didn't name but she spoke with the old. More swagger. And Abbott molecular. It's globe or Flag Day you take it go just OK I don't know. How gives an order lack. I though brought him out and then their product is all dark and these are the best. Of all Rottweiler though. She's looking at it though it's looking at a and end it lie cute here at all. As you start making love it neat for buying the product you like more locker what they're not announce. I felt they're going like I I didn't name it I mean it's a good group god if god mortgage right there yeah. I get dry elbow. I would not help at. All. Well I want a little peek at. While. At about what. My little. Girl I had and I don't let old people. Before it can I'd like. Bully that you now know and help only email. Yours out there rate pulling out at me and it's that it. Great game. My body. And what. Are all I port. Lacquer yeah I'd you know I'd all you that's true all the land. And it wants either. Cut the well my hubby. I'm in bed though it worked it worked well what they meant it but like. Walk the dark and each one. My mom and knocking on it and I. Like he. Either he heard the by the dark. Though that you like. Worked fairly well does it should I write had to evacuate the miracle you right to act. And that that does not name their product that ridiculous things that. I think a lot I. Why Robert Byrd get well. I I. And are her. Hair. On the wow I am now I how good the letter plucked me like that. That never. Where you came back late at Packard that. He was England and now. Well. Like products that are at an hour's swagger end it and now are the act generation. Well all of that now all car but I. Want. That make. And then they kite and I. Is adamant. That you are. On her. Make you like. Annan now being. Thing did not make Hewitt got. Let me let me you're seeing it ball in your work that's out. There. Great line. Never really thought of it now you know why the I am on the app I got a hit. Sure. You're up all the Hewlett like I think that a lick it Alpert and the like that out. I sure. Weren't sure that I'm tired I. At. Every now and that well. I don't look at it don't make it happen. Yeah. Am I al-Qaeda.