Moms Dressing Sexy

Friday, June 15th

The Wake Up Call talk about how Elizabeth Hurley dressed rather sexy for her sons birthday, this leads into a discussion about : 

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When a six IBM. It rains still weeks. For a job today as I'd like to ask what you call listeners text or dress from. To 73389. FC can get the visual on exactly what we're talking about text dress right now. The 73389. British actress Elizabeth Hurley who I love. She is gorgeous and means. What happened her put any. Why isn't she an actress anymore she she's not the thing didn't want to show it's really it's that show people are really like and movies. Out John was it the third season. Elizabeth Hurley is getting flack on social because of the dress she wore to abort the party now. If you text address is 73389. You're gonna see this dressing you're gonna go well okay. Right well the birthday party she wore it to. What's her sixteen year old son's birthday party. It is a it's and I stress but that plunging neckline. Is way too plunging. Me how it's yours. I'm saying this I say this. A sixteen year old birth. Where there's going to be other fifteen or sixteen year old boy pre pubescent boys boys and puberty boys there. Here's the thing. I even think this dress. Is super. Sexy. As much an. As it is super elegant and those. I didn't see the picture. Lot of backyard barbecues sixteen yard birthday party. Clearly some place where you EU are very very antsy Arafat. Super dress up yeah. Since David this dress isn't sacks he. He's wrong. Flat out right. It's sexy I don't think that it is the. It's elegant and it is sexy it is the kind of thing that I would expect. Somebody aware to like the ABM awards or like. Like a Playboy Mansion party or something it is elegant and there's very little above the naval left to be a match. You nation you can text the word draster 73389. If you like to see this address that we are talking about now. Let me say that I am not sitting here saying just because she's a mom and she's at a sixteen year old son's birthday party that she needs to where. You now are big oversized Disneyland sweatshirt and mom jeans not saying he that's what Katie were sent out hot spot is not true what I'm saying is is that if you're gonna give throw a birthday party for your son and there's gonna be multiple friends there. This is it you're going to an award ceremony this is an eyeball. This is it and we don't know what the party won Sohn could Wear while about a bar and party with sixty. Art that but it could've spent a ball type of occasion I. And I bet her son has seen her in a beat he probably string bikini is. OK and can you re not talking about her son he's talking more about her son's grandmother and well like her that her friend can just Google or any time they want. And see her in a beach. So like. Do what is the big deal here swimsuit. Beating where is different wearing an elegant dress to a sixteen a day what she was wearing this tracks. You have buried AMP. Dinner or ball or ever but her son was being would you be OK with the act. She can't or string bikini in front immersed. Paving student's wrist is sure how much she shall showing a little much for a sixteen year old Britney part. I'm gonna put this out there the problem is when you dress like that you're not thinking about what you're creating for your kid not 'cause. He has kid and I'm very he has op friend and his friends are absolutely gonna be making a comment. About his mom to him you don't really catch you did to her and she's like nearly cupboard I think this is. Normal for a if you're awake up call us here you can text dress to 73389. When you see it. Texas in and tell you which if they'd tell us what you think a couple of takes it gotten so far this is out more about her showing off. I it and putting it out there for her instead of the birthday party being about him. I learned that you like the weight she is draft seems to match the events. I've. It. Sometimes. What. Spends on what she's not just wearing an elegant dress she's wearing elegant lead sexy dress in elegantly revealing dress. This isn't a big deal Ford and 'cause of the fact that she's the Mott. And did that concern ends. All along her his got to see. Well it. Graham machine is in bikini insult like what big deal. Great I should be good pray that she'd deals cut. Ball that shouldn't be like this and how this let me let me flip the script a little bit. A 100% on rains items of playing devil's advocate here. So you're saying what's wrong with her dressing like that what's wrong with her dressing more conservatively around her chill I think haircut you she. What a birthday parties. I think her son who also is gorgeous and the model is probably it's not about him it's about the other people who didn't grow up. In her only household. Okay what do you want me to say. That she dressed in appropriately ferber sixteen year old birthday. The fifth.