Name That Tune 10-18-17

Wednesday, October 18th

Gavin plays a tune on the recorder to give listeners a chance to "Name That Tune" for tickets to Thunder Valley Casino Resort's Sinners & Saints Halloween party:


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Sad time per gallon. On the recorder. They've done really and it really brings a tear to my I didn't write it. Such professional. Hey don't the players love shore yeah soul. Given a game right okay I so we have to get CBS sinners and saints Halloween party at thunder valley casino resort hosted by the wake up call it says they have. What is it 5000 dollars in prize money up for grabs for the best costume you add the sinners and saints are not did you help that they do every year unreal. Mind you are Smart person and do not go as a group cautioned to try to win that as Katie I'd seen many people. Win first prize and then have to split that prize money and like the wild waves don't need an in fights and still. And hate each other and then also seen people win the top prize it's just one person yeah and then took she. I sell if you wanna buy tickets are on sell right now you can get more info at and online dot com Gavin has is recorder that he's been practicing since the third grade. And he hasn't popped real her a top forty song that we play here on one of six by the end. You're gonna hear it you're gonna yell all of this is three Y nice that's not what it's going to be OK and Adam what does that never. Never it's never how Hough cross bonds right. Let's. You know Arlen is there. First they may get Hollywood bad can that be not proud again. Prove am I reading it did you mouth moist. And needs your enemy is telling you I just last month that seems like a lot okay. The move does is terrible race. OK you guys don't not a player recorder we don't you know I tell you I got it there here I got the reality. Well. That's. An internal. I heard the heart how beautiful they're a 7661065. If you think you know the answer I Caylee from Sacramento starting enough for us what do you do what's on meeting Gammon is playing. You know right iron and that is fair embarrassing as what she meant to say it's a very come any answer you what did you guess. Are you. Our. Well. Me and they don't know. And a minority of what did you. Britain's so don't go straight ahead. Now now that's not that she just said her favorite song a head if that's what will it that's why yesterday's because I'm Jessica from Sacramento which against. Hey. You don't think so little. Katie from Rockland what you gas. Hebert Rhonda Glenn on the TV rob from Rocklin on the phone yes. And appear ready to any trick I thought we did Clinton. Yeah I'm trying to call him up and I she Gerri what's your guess. Now. That car. It can be honest EU had a at the beginning and then there are really is started fizzling out that last part though is perfect. OK yeah no what's your guess. Ever get Louis Tom land back QB tank at it but that's. Nice slump time now waiting to another congratulations a quarter drive. Not congratulations Mia chip Perry tickets to the sinners and saints Halloween party. Goes down at thunder Malick casino resort next Saturday night hosted by the wake up call you're like playing congratulations. And fixed idea and.