Name That Tune 11-21-16

Monday, November 21st

The Wake Up Call play another round of “Name That Tune” for tickets to see Bruno Mars...


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And switch up for sings up a little bit here. And we need to you may have Gavin play a song on his lovely recorder that is right it is time for name that tune. With Gavin on his recorder and I lost our intro all mine now. Not just play my hardest I've. And I got it now. Well not right in mentioned yet another quarter on our let's not do this you're gonna sit DLC arrogantly pledge as summaries can do it we're gonna contest here this is doing out here Erie is on the recorder. Lamar tickets up for grabs it in an attempt. Well thank you and that was and that was that well it and I'm here I heard something from Pocahontas repeats again let's just because it's a recorder. Well I. Oh yeah. Noah. And name that's in Yemen in order. Good job dug up a focal point it's. I really bad you know let's clean senate. Maybe throw people off on Angelina thanks for call 7661071990. And DeVon. Let me yeah. Like maybe Tibetan leader who. Not just Bieber is the game was only maybe name that tune you when line. Basket morning. As. Well wait why. There's a lot yeah. Can tell you I worked at this treaty as he doesn't sit right next he Gavin and I don't know what that and I had an ear for music. Clearly that's not true lol Christy good morning. Okay you sound like you have the confidence of away there in that town. Barrett move. Kids. I've made and that sheik that been eating that well I think attic yet for Mac. I don't even know who's saying she decorated and a lot of people. Her calling OK so we've we've gotten four incorrect guesses we've played one more time will play a song we'll come back into tomorrow and OK okay let's do this. A yeah good old now I get then if you can listen. If you can name that tune you think you can call now 7661079. Mortar guesses in three and a half minutes. 107 India and isolate and call 107 and the anti 26 Stanley Burrell Marcy guess again in his CNET tune you on the recorder can you give us another round little taste of that song boy oh boy oh boy oh boy Aaron analyze some people as well I think the mag nobody has got to be attacked so I don't know if it's your performance mean it is bad reception do whether. But you still have to Susan good reasons. And this. Morning. What what's your guess in tune. I'm disk and it Palin could take all the great per carry it. Other Bruno Mars so you think we're gonna erode the good news is he still coming to town that is Jankovic against. Ari. I'm is that I mean that's fair to be all and bath. Payback in that ten. And they buy buy back. Well. Yeah. Now here's the thing there are people probably losing knowing what they asked. Let's hear it live performances and the general seeking I Chenault here students can be ready this yeah. Us Iranian ads and let's see their live performance with us on 32 wines. Wow I'm OK you know flat same omni. Plus came on me. Coroner have get ready press or listen again drop let's drop that finely tuned piece of musical machinery and I can only make here you're playing better and drop it from now hey congratulations for our. Doing the impossible doing that impossible. Nude side designed by Aaron iron and a ground you get a pair take a zebra Mars July 18 when he seventeen nation of course golden one center. On the enjoy congratulations and thanks Phyllis in the wake up call. It. And I will I'll be back in just hit the wrong button so right now we're on now I am on now so hey guys is a regular golf.