Name That Tune 11-7-17

Tuesday, November 7th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Name That Tune" to give away tickets to Best Of Sacramento Party:


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It's the timing and forget. Quarter. Well I think yeah. Buzz so Gavin as his recorder he carries it around everywhere complaining that Tim he's gonna play popular song you hear on 1065 the end. I gotta do is successfully guess it right. We have a pair of tickets to the Sacramento magazine's best to Sacramento party to benefit the make A wish foundation on its on next Saturday November 18 at the Sacramento convention center. We will be there are seeking Cummins in China us and we're also nominated but I have no idea how this happened to offer a best morning show in Sacramento. Nominated for best morning Joseph now like best movie theater best cakes. Could. We are very appreciative would you prefer being nominated for best cakes yeah. I mean it would make more sense that you look it's yeah. Even though it takes is also something you call your dairy air. Oh muted rain. One hell no I guess I thought I guess I know appeared Kate thank you I'd Gavin on the reporter and we're ready to Grier you're ready. Thank you just feel like crank. It doesn't doesn't read the bills like one of the number unplugged in the country right now Q so when you were practicing I was like god that's going to be easy breezy and then you performed did not like fifty many here. And that is that eight I 7661065. If you think you know the answer David from Sacramento is gonna started off with us what your gas. How about that you love oughta know on this. My bad bad blood Atlanta middle. Odd bad good morning what's your guess. It yeah man. And. Okay okay. The borrower iron. Yeah. Do you get a nice Callaway ads like Cuba. I'm in third grade and her PM ED recorder you. Yeah. Yeah well yeah is generally know what the mom is going to beat before Gammons and playing. I hadn't heard the practicing there he does good headphones on the I key here like the song he's listening to out. First time I wouldn't lying beyond our listeners yes some. People get this right. And amazing. It's pronounced Gavin that's great congratulations I thought it. And he takes. Are well thousand bad congratulations you're gonna party but doesn't the Sacramento magazine best of Sacramento party next Saturday the eighteenth at the Sacramento convention center was CNN congratulation I enjoy. Yeah that's a.