Name That Tune 4-16-18

Monday, April 16th

Listeners play Name That Tune for a chance at Ryan Cabrera tickets! 


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He's so he's still a wish I had that talent and skill you get one day. I need to do to have the talent and skills urged all traces or lifetime contracts all caught a key. That's the beginning the beginning OK and stretcher now. When he stretch I don't mean your limbs like. Director Mal I don't know about that no fingers OK fingers OK on it step one do it every day for seven hours seven hours. The physics test him. Yeah. And Chris says that's sounds excessive. There has gone down we had a pair of tickets for you to win to see Ryan Cabrera had you memorize Cabrera USC David Ashlee Simpson back in the day. He. He was under her TV show us your TV show called Katie and the cymbal I've. Now OK all right actually had let me you know piceance. Good job nice hair. Good luck on us it wasn't at the show where he just goes around the cold climates and it's Ryan Cabrera. And now. Odd right to brag he's going to be making a yes stop here in Sacramento he's Canadian gold field on Monday April 30 so it's intimate shell because ultimately think Italy has like 500 people and so that it can hold itself. I you can gates tickets if you name that tune. Gavin on the recorder Gavin juries is a quarter rounds in practice is clearly all the time to seven hours seven hours. And you just had to guess the son Gavin is playing and reporter 7661065. It is this popular song you hear on one a 65 the end. It's not to three blind mice it's not hot. Pop runs flat out of hock Russ par and right say it's none of us bonds flat sell IE do you think you noted is 7661065. Arterial. We like eleven. Learned a thing our commitment show. You mile area around. It and. Yeah I don't know. Or about a 7661065. If you think you know the song you Gammons playing on the reporter call us up right now and I Jacqueline for Elk Grove good morning. And you're gonna started out this morning what song was Gavin playing. Elaine May. Israeli thing. No. Well I mean. That's that's forgave not. Britney from Sacramento the morning. I would songs Gavin play in the quarter. I. He. And her actions and what she fell off a conference there at the hi amber for sit just hides the morning. And Barney what song is Gavin play another quarter. Whoa I don't. I did the first cars. Amiri. My job. I got a little into improvisation and say that's one of them that's that's. Ask her bra or that you did not have I ever congratulations Ryan Cabrera had gold field on Monday April 30 you at a friend are going to be there congratulations. Yeah.