Name That Tune 5-21-18

Monday, May 21st

Listeners play "Name That Tune" for a chance at tickets to Revival pool party. 

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Dan and on the record. Well Greta thank god is not expecting. Paired tickets to the night swim in leads her show would DJ lady Kate. It's this Sunday at 8 PM at revival at the Sawyer hotel they did a rooftop pool party. A month or so ago it was awesome it was packed with the head deejay you'd laid back Luke there. This is one of those places especially in the summer if you wanna be seen. In the scene that. This is bringing to goes we get a pair tickets appear over 217661065. Gavin is gonna play a song on his recorder or got to do is correctly identify the song it is a pop song popular song that you purest play on one a six IV and always there is always is remind people look at it. Five farmer and the well not that's not end it'll never be that cell. If you whenever we deliver. They I don't feel like people. People I guess sometimes too. I tip my mice then as part of I 766106. By getting ready I'm ready racquet isn't going to be pretty aren't that aren't. You know why can't you get away from the little. Brownback get to our rhetoric and your brow I'd set us probably DO 7661065. If you think you know the song Gavin was playing on the recorder we're gonna start with Melinda in Sacramento good morning. And once I was DeVon playing. Then don't. Judges say the middle is. That. Neighborhood thank you. Those playing accordion here but I. That guys like say loud and arrogant part I mean how I have to of recording playing is diaphragm and breath control of cars. And have a could still they have. A plug in the holes none of that's elegance. Very complicated instrument and that another half is lit technique OK so the area getting it sell ads have. Breath control Atkins all I have is plugged the button or Oakland the holes and that and how does have unique and. I mean usually half his confidence. Of course a gangs others have. This for grabs right okay amazed yeah and her no doubt in no way and one that you're political. Hi Melinda congratulations. Appeared to gives for Sunday's night's women laser show a DJ lady came out revival at the Sawyer all white swimwear encouraged to it's an all white party. And what's that. I. OK guys this isn't. You know any you're gonna go out by till we can tell us there's a deal and get tickets and online dot com congratulations. You.