Name That Tune 6-19-17

Monday, June 19th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of Name That Tune and gives away Rivercats Tickets


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It's a wake up call. 1065 the end again and the water ready. Do I. I'm I'm well and thank you are and so Gavin has his reporter and you're gonna play a popular song for us. First correct person through at 7661065. To give the song for packet tickets to Star Wars knights. At the river cats game and really field ready. I am ready pending SE clearer yes I closed my vocal exercises drain and down for three hours I do in most nights but last night it was my three hour session oh god. And that everything is clear everything is. Outs are good aren't. It's name that cheers Gavin on the recorder on the wake up call. Thank you. Well I night and I thank you very much. I all right let's start with Marines from Sacramento hi good morning marine. All right Sid you have an idea of what Gavin is playing on a reporter. You're joking aside I couldn't believe this week. This by you want to get seven an argument does. Anything. I love the you've got a political people not a guy you know what they. Are right. Online. Giant while thanks very able go to bed Vicky from Sacramento the morning Micky. Yeah I mean let's anything happens Glen on the quarter. I don't wanna know primarily I'm. But. So yeah. She and I was so good yeah. I'm Vicki congratulations pretty Joseph for packet tickets to the river cats for Star Wars Legos get July 8 congratulations. Thank you are. Like the one side the end.