Name That Tune 7-11-18

Wednesday, July 11th


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It's time to play name that you know what. Like to have him on the reporter. Such a trial such a pro and give it appeared tickets to see Jim gaffe again that's July 21 at thunder valley casino resorts. That this great comedian show that he puts on he's out on tour she'll be able to win tickets that all you have to do is simply. Guessed correctly the song that Gavin is about to play and it's recorder. Now Austrians of the wake up call will no big Gavin for a long time verve for for many years they had eight. Gold in. Order resort. Lawrence flack got a little more respect than oar in thank you it's golden golden. I am golden recorder unfortunately I am it was no longer operable. That's about it raining he. To backpack did nowhere that the lord put. Wells' lawyer in his house. It was found. Well it was yes it was then put in to look. My son's mouth but little signed. They and he started to walk around with that blowing on the wrong and he of course fell. And then it broke off. Luckily it just ended with a bit cheek but it could have been way worse. Then yes. So I blame him. For hiding my old recorder. But broke in May its lead for the angels but now. I have this. You aren't all that rain. Hi. Starker than our club. Then mom it's darker than C film. But it didn't family yet yeah it's oh yeah turquoise turquoise turquoise oil of that and you know lack. That's going to be his name Terkel is rich Terkel. Levitt Richard turquoise -- a gap is gonna play a popular site and you hear on what a six by the end on his recorder you just have to get it correct super easy I gotta do to breathe whenever your reading a year ago. And yet this thing I don't know what the car and burial while I'm. Sure I'd. Yeah it's pretty dead on I will sit down. To let. It rain and by the way this ends woody better than the other lingle leave Indiana gold Eva yeah. Real circle you average it is sturdy. And EI I got good feelings we're gonna have a good life together. I'd 7661. A six time if you think you know the song Gavin played on the recorder. Jessica from Sacramento good morning. It more song was Gammon playing. All my hot TV at all. Unlike UN now you know yeah. It's always is long live. I think you Dow. Our third good morning. More anger which a gas. Oh hole. And now they are that are necessary and this is staggering. I mean it was an eight DeVon it was intact thank you rain. I kissed him again and over at dawn for Davis city good morning. Good morning what's your guess on the Sun Devils playing on the recorder. So Barack. All right Andy now I hear it edited down it. Another part two there we get I really don't. Now I am I did at one point of our congratulations. Don we get ready fare ticket is. Does he comedian Jim gaffe again in July 21 its underbelly casino resort it's still available for that Germany enjoy the show would ago.