Name That Tune 7-23-18

Monday, July 23rd

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Name That Tune" to give away tickets to see Brad Paisley:

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I'm to blame. Let's get an on the record. So just thank you guys keep you here you are are blessed to have the skill and talent that you have I am and most of the skill comes from god some of the comes from practice but must come from that's a great intern Kevin is as sitting in complaining that she in this morning good morning intern Kevin gun Marin and I'd so we don't do this very often in. But we have tickets to see a country artists name Brad Paisley. I would call clusters listen it was all different types of music we know that particular medals so we'll tip some little different. Brad Paisley is going to be at underbelly casino resorts on August 3. And all you have to do is name the song Gavin is playing on the recorder now he's going to play a song that it is not that it's not it was not anything by Brad Paisley or by any country music artists are but I it is a song you hear on 106 by the end zones. I'll you to do is get a right and you win 7661065. Gammon whenever your reading. GO I'd 7661069. If you think you know the song's got a good morning. Born and you're gonna start it up for us what song was DeVon playing on the recorder. I don't I have drawn a blank and. It's ranked island ass from well and good morning. Good morning and a lot of that lately that's my boy I don't call lizards that love Brad Paisley and say yeah. Aunt that you he would settle it anyway I agree. In the middle I said I don't. Oh and. All right thanks appreciate it hi Jean from Sacramento the morning. NRA what song was DeVon playing on the recorder. I. Know. It's mine and I'm tired. C news this long ago our Rick from Sacramento good morning. I'm not sure outright him and I open meltdown. And any 7661. A 65 EDT you know the son Gavin is playing on the recorder Heidi from Carmichael short yes. I don't have one and Larry. So he Tony Abbott and they yemenite you let them near that I. Guys well mine is now one of the easier ones that's in Tokyo hi Patricia what's your guess this morning. I. When you. Yeah hearing a hero ma yeah. Oh. Are you. Well dawn and god yeah here what are we didn't do. And hi Trisha congratulations to get appeared to get to see Brad Paisley August 3 at thunder valley casino resort congratulations have a great time on us okay. 165 B and.