Name That Tune 8-11-17

Friday, August 11th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Name That Tune" to give away tickets for Rivercats!


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For quarter. I doubt that I don't know that many years of yeah years obviously but he died Juilliard grip yet. Back when they sever recorder program. And well they don't anymore and mark and do we find out the name of the little bit I keyboard thing that you blow into was less that we don't know they care is not that big yet. He's a lot playing that the I was terrible at it but I think you're not the report murmured auto harp number those stuff. No so it it it was sit like a keyboard it was probably I don't know twenty keys you blow into it became a little case utterly the whole wall bomb and then you had a number assigned to a sharper because you're blowing into an obviously you don't share germs. I'm the chairman of the I mean they did things they do things different Reno rain and now. Sorry. Well I still we are about five pack of tickets that you could win of for the river cats princess in pirate right and really field. On August 19 Natalie Williams of the game but you'll give dinner and they need to camp out on the field. Fireworks. And then you get up the next morning they have breakfast ready for you to it's great. And we're ready gallery area around me yeah us. Think you've done that we'll have. To tell anyone this week Luka. We aren't is that you're not a done in that song you contract is up. Yeah. So I'm just. I do you worry I'm really not. Well I know at the song itself. But it's we will see it as the song that you purest play on 106 by the end not three blind mice it's only days or whatever they whatever the other songs that people think it is in some nursery rhyme that new probably used to play on the order. I crossed bottom step hip I country and they got let's see we'll go attack Jared in Al groh a good morning shared. Good morning give a guess press. All. Loosely Ryan Starr. American and Mota from Sacramento would you yes. Sierra rip their. Arm she never know. A song called cheer rip I. You're thinks about it. A 7661065. If you think you know the sun the Gammons playing on his reporter Megan from Roseville good morning. Didn't I mean what's Sunday thing Gammons playing. Saint Libya now. That is so easy Gavin I thought it was true. I guess peopled Kim I'm here or songs that well I'd Tyler from Sacramento what's your guess. It. Cool. I. Let's see let's assess daily high daily good morning. The more it would sure yes. I read gone by does you know. And emails and yeah it hasty granted I mean whip the music and sounds just like you went out. It's that without the music. And I Brad. Bob Bailey congratulations to get just five packet tickets to the river cats and princess for their princess. And pirate night on August 19 congratulations. Oh. Under 65 B and.