Name That Tune 8-15-18

Wednesday, August 15th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Name That Tune" to give away tickets to see Charlie Puth:

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I'm so glad. Good to have an on the record back. Thank you thank you. DO I pray cute thank you thank GO. Joke okay buckets are so Gavin is gonna play a popular song you hear on one a six by the end on his record that he carries around with them everywhere and you're aiming at a new recorder yes this and steal. I like it sounds better to win more tuned it is more tuned it to Omaha uncle Kagan. Think the does have a new name that I mean we we've got a having inning right Ivan named yet really did that I did yeah yeah I did. Yes I did that blue steel. You can add seems like right you're right. Request for he got 766165. He'll steal. Teel Steele feels like a baguette. I if you get the sung correctly it appeared tickets for Charlie Putin Haley Steinfeld Friday night at shoreline you just have to you. Prickly identify the song Gavin is about to play on his quarter. Sir whatever you're reading okay I'm ready. I'm ready organ. Ran go. Can you. And very easy I do does say all. See McCain. I didn't concern that Mohammed or in the here Ricky I'm just. If you don't know I don't know the technique. From the diaphragm her right but I mean it's like. You don't need to start hearings I would breathe bride and that start and it's like like I don't know exactly snoring in the movie theater in the U over a wide awake. Right yeah that's not this. Out or not an expert right and. 766165. If you know the sun Gammon was playing on the recorder Markey from Dixon is gonna started off good morning marquee. Good morning let's song was DeVon playing on the quarter. Amateur right yeah yeah Smart. And Germany. Now. Lastly I know you've absolutely glad. I'm Angela from Sacramento what site is DeVon playing on the recorder. I don't roll no real. Why did not for how I mean you know just because she got here. Seaver and see how do you wanted to be gets. Me. Oh. And. I'd dates and you'll have a great day I'm Michelle from Fairfield that song was Gavin playing a little quarter. All Rihanna all of our world in all my guys. I'd never play a song about stars. Aren't there from Rancho what's a song was DeVon playing. I have no idea. And. Are telling. You say nothing not. Telling thing is the thing that would my children report out as the greatest day in my life you know I was product that I was probably dozens of them. I'd so no gas Arthur. I am not informed burial spot so I guess. And now we're gonna that I won't leave you element that could. Hurt the but now so what is your guess. And thrown off you can't just a lot of. Like it was good to figure it out and he asked. Lot. Out. Shock hitter always know bush does little. Life. And yeah yeah. There's. Outage and Israel but to this moment we changed your life forever she can't get there more than half. You. Want Charlie food tickets. Well. Are you mad. Well yeah. I hired for. I've been out. So congratulations. Charley with that Haley Steinfeld Friday night at shoreline we got you tickets and could still available live nation dot com we got you hooked up congratulations. So much you aren't. And the axis. Way.