The New Fourth of July

Tuesday, July 3rd

Gabe has some ideas about the 4th of July and it involves moving it.

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106 by the end. TV and rainy it's the wake up call. Fourth of July is this week but is your game is just come into the studio and seems like he's maybe a very interesting discovery about the history of the fourth of July correct. That's right it's something I've had in the back of my mind for awhile because you know you learn about. The founding of our nation and schooled me on the but this year I'm I'm making a stand up and well gosh okay I'm a little bit fired up. All right this is your little bit fired. All these so. The fourth of July. Is celebrating our nation's independence right now. You July 4 1776. We that's whale that we became. A country. Well it's not bad it's good day I think they signed the declaration of independence I believe it's tiger on July 1 yes I second. That's when they signed it. And I and everybody went like OK guys here's the thing. Now already signed this right on July 2 is when they voted to approve there resolution of independence from England. So what happened on the fourth that everybody finish so that's when it was sigh yeah. Kind of like lamb there's a company wide email for a barbecue party you gotta wait. Until everybody says like yes this date were for me great it's exactly like that yet. I. Brian seems George that there doesn't know what's he's got a letter. OK okay Mars he's concerned America is not its own being a gaggle colony. So we're not independent where also there's a whole war. Eight I surely that's a great point all we did was just declare yeah like this is a thing now and then it's right it's not really though. Do you say I declare bankruptcy. You're bankrupt until you actually go through all my only. OK and you'd go to the dealership you spend the day narrow it. Do you know lately to Naseem and from the second to July Thornton. Haggle over price okay. Then you buy that car on born on the fourth. OK but car doesn't technically belong to you until he completely pain stop that a lot of the bank. But that is your car. What that situation you put down a down payment you have some skin in the game. Yeah. Skinny. No they never. Skim the. And when they declared but also just thinking about it it's like that whole war that we fight right we will it. So like something to celebrate. Celebrate that I have a bunch of dudes who are old and what kind of gross probably aren't. Irony in there and I mean I don't know why it's called growth and we're smell I mean Ben Ben Franklin did have syphilis we now that. They know weren't coming well I mean I'm sure she assumed that England wasn't gonna be like OK okay. I eat your meal I. And you know when the war was like yeah that so it started in 1776. I think. I don't know but I do know when an end in London and ended September 3 1783. So that once we tell us what I have. A third at some our rights also better time a year. No fire danger okay. Okay our. Narrower set the Fed has rotted so close the Labor Day though you don't wanna have backed the backseat Tom. What we swapped Labor Day for the fourth of July. The labor they could be any day. I think that were really. Undermining. All these smelly old gross man. And the beneficiaries yeah. That's the country they bet. I. Didn't you are rich and he just said the declaration amendment that would like basically. Citing your life OK okay how about this guy. Declare myself getting a Reyes. And can I celebrate. Great night raids now. On the I. Really think you. Yeah. Why does names so. Now he is the gutsy guests of king George could read his name without putting on his glasses via U eight hole the bad. I. Think you had a good. And all day OK so let me ask you this game F five you want to move the fourth of July to the third to September and does that mean you're gonna come into work on Wednesday and wool will just continue to celebrate the fourth of July union you can take the third often we ought to come in oh no it's because I've only just declared to let. It's gonna be moved oh yeah I can't celebrate yet. Somebody did text in a really good point. That is like a marriage in your your anniversary date is the day you got married but not the day that the county receives and processes your certificate of Mary outs Greg and. So my car analogy. Doesn't it. Well he's still had to put some money down he's done. They are like that risk I don't know that but let's dig like. And I jewelry and all I'm. My bedroom I don't like that I haven't won this argument already. You declare that you widen. He argued it out in the U. You. Wake up call.