Is New Sex Bad

Thursday, January 3rd

New research proves that most, 56%, of people in relationships said that the first time they had sex was "awkward or terrible"

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The wake up call. 165 the end. 7661065. We'd like to be so we can call listeners feedback comments. Six out of ten Americans have admitted it. Tune is starting a relationship off with terrible sex. And the server it was actually done and down that when it came to having sex with a new partner for the first time 56% said. It was awkward if it was terrible. It didn't enjoy. It is just uncomfortable all. That a deal breakers people. Get the deal breaker in all I think gets. It actually makes all the sense in the world so mean because. You don't know one other person. Then. There's gonna be alerting her hasn't been your experience. Now and I didn't have my Experian now. And backed him I would say a majority of the first times that I have have how. You know I think this might be a meal. Liza. I aged. I think our motors are more complicated. And death. You eat a mechanic. That has developed some experience led that specific motor. You know how to finely tuned. You're not gonna hire a mechanic that knows how I Camry operates. To work on Ambien do well and I can't tell you had not every Camry works broaden the city and yet some are Loudon Sunday that were Honda's. Ball OK okay it's okay. Sing on the car analogy though. They're all still cars yeah I'm thrilled so like. Yes some have the parts in different areas that need do but still the same parts and a light of not like make one work. It's did you find the other one you can make a work. I think I never I never unless they've been all I do my whole idea human in my journal that I think elbow. Cars happy and our. Trust me I got a and it yeah their old cars. But there are. Elite did sell cars require a different kind again happy it I'm not. I think that your I'm sure that I have been lied to at least a few times in my life but I couldn't have been lied to my whole life because. Third some girl in my past that. Trust me didn't like can be enough to lie OK I think we feel good about everything I know my lie why would you say it was. If these experts sudden but I knew maybe not until now. It's about the first time it's just like. Inhibitions seemed to be a little bit low word out now. 7661065. Ladies meaning your opinion on this do you agree with us now here's some of the other statistics that happen in this survey. It said guy did deleting stress ahead of sex with someone new is boring about how your body looks. And then 40% of people worried about and making sure they were able to please their partner anything go further down some of the other statistics are just throughout the real fast. Three in ten people said they would actually break things off with some wine in the sex was not good the first time there is that dill breaker and on average people tolerate. Four and a half bad sexually experiences before breaking things. I would say that with a first for the first time sexual experience and somebody it's a lot like a first date though tarot. Where you wanna be on your best behavior and you wanna be on making sure that the evening goes well right. Even more than you would after being more Dem for two or three years. Like that first encounter how to be gay or sex why I. Energy and CNN but what I am saying. That. You don't know what you don't now and the first time your whip somebody. You don't know what they feel like. The idea but there's so many big. And meets the can I may your parlay that dry way. Getting back to that analogy. And I sometimes think they're better than they are. I think sometimes girls and the better it may Arturo you like to be a human thing. Like people just over estimate at three over estimate by performance and almost anything. I know occasionally I embrace. Ultimately comfortable back for the most part. I am just bounded the first time is just more exciting. It's. And yeah. Did somebody who's gone on their seventeenth sky jump is excited. It is served or are we talking about a shake our re talking about pleasure at all it's all part of. Whether or not it was an enjoyable experience. You've got to the plane and yes public claims once. You drive than a dozen meetings and I couldn't I.