No Call No Show

Thursday, December 7th

Director Bryan Singer has been fired for no call, no showing his latest movie. 


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Six of the as we saw the behind the scenes clips that came out a few weeks ago of the new biopic. Called bohemian rhapsody for queen went and got it looks. Oh so good so. So awesome they re created the entire stage from what was it like David Madden and they had what's the actor's name rock I guy can't Bernanke is. Mr. Rowe yeah he's just around some day in Ronnie in. Merrick Malick Malick something on them like that well apparently director Bryan Singer who's been in charge of directing this new movie about queen has been fired from directing the movie for the best raise. He just stopped coming to work. Kakaako economy pop and I'll be just not coming you are coming and they said he's not going to the movie that he was direct stops he's. Major Hollywood director and he did the usual suspects several X-Men film he's a big deal and I after they went around Thanksgiving break he just didn't come back door no call no showed several. It's hilarious he's. Like how. A few weeks left. I don't rumor has it he was heading beef with people on the sat will he want to. Noah OK almost done though right it's like to shop you can sweated out for few more weeks eight. The director right. The principal the school stopped coming because he would be put the students right you're sure all are just like eggs and everything you read her article just. No longer was possibly only like four weeks. That's 11 report but I saw I had you guys call the local note showed job all the time. I he's really called no show you that you never know Al my god no called no show these. Awesome is that you'll quit your job or you'd then the no right turn took that job. You don't quit a job with no call no show because no call no show like quit your job means don't pay me anymore but you know call no show. Like I mean you've still got a couple more days out of that. And they just like the time word due to a job that you like. You do a good job that you don't like which makes the Bryan singer's situation funnier to me. But like if you know called out showed jobs. I used to like come in the next day and it again when you were supposed to work yesterday it million lay about AL my response lawyers like. The. We worked yesterday. He leg and is now the vet makes it a little unclear how. Yeah all. There was so much fun I miss I could care about this John I feel like this career I don't want a no call no show and I never well. Com unless tiger might have by car or something but like you know Paul knows during the job that you don't care about is the bad. Yes I could never handle the anxiety that what is. The anxiety. And I have. You really really like messes with my head for other people to. Like have to pick up my slack so that would really bothered me and getting in trouble. I have to admit it now. I used to think until probably. Not along the belt that. If you went to go get a new Joba all your other jobs are like on some sort of permanent record did. End your cost her the pressure BO what would know what. Every where you work and like. How you left it up that high school. Now first certified high school but I also spotted hiking into might wanna you know why and so I didn't realize until I think. Just. They're like references you put on your resume is the only blazer and they're gonna know for the most part I'm the bad. What do jog your blind where they want him called clothes Bryant I didn't know that. Oh my guide that was the gays I would've left of a string of burn bridges. For a chain restaurant after chain restaurant through Pennsylvania. And that was the game I would never got tired here ever. And I think sometimes I don't think what Katie these ballot the permanent record and how silly that you know above the game is now running AM. Why do think like. What I've run for office like let's say like I I have something and my opponent comes up with a smear campaign. Yeah campaign going to be life and reliable did have been no call no show will be. Yeah but you wouldn't know. And yeah.