No Name Movie Game 06-16-17.mp3

Friday, June 16th

The Wake Up Call play another round of the "No Name Movie Game" to give away The Weeknd tickets:

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65 the end all right it's time for our fair game. In the meantime can anyone in the. Movie scene we keep losing even more than ten and the movie any good actors or actresses in the movie can't just. I don't have a special guests you if I was I'd love to think in a special guest in the studio today. Thank you it feels good to be out. Boy high school graduate Sarah Murphy is here hi Sarah. I sell what's cool about Syria is is that not only winning high graduate congratulations on graduating who think you did it didn't. I am a graduate from high school yes again I felt I mean our cannot go whenever there's not any time I forgot. Okay by diet but Sarah is a gag a broadcast communications student that has one net. Bunch of awards this year writes were national awards site I got lucky I got really lucky what are some or all of these Omon. I thought tonight on and so on a couple of weeks ago I found out from the student television network that I selected. Under national student of the year and that's great congratulations. Keel. So they have the convention next year nationals so I get a goalie to dot and they give me like a scholarship everything and I get a intern for them for a little concern do you have one not 100%. More awards and we have a broadcasting junior. I'm learning and gutless and. And we yesterday coming in because A I mean that's it that's a great recognition have especially in broadcast journalism might my college degree from the university Nevada Las Vegas is a broadcast journalism on so it's like you know fraternities. I am part of the wake up call this morning. And you know you've you've gone on fox forty you've done all they did TV interviews in town but when did you really wanna hang out 106 spot there. Every god. More is to do this is then to go beyond all of my and he didn't listen it is excel long you're like my celebrity crush its I'll I'll. Ever iron. Washing out all right well we well what did you to command and pled no name to begin with us is ankle on the yes I'm so there you should know that part of also the reason that you vastly cumin is because rain is. So buried that in the there have somebody had to step then I hope I'll be a little bit but you couldn't be worse comes to a guy known. I we're gonna start with let's start with ATV this morning managing you have a Liz Smith from the field on the phone by the morning Elizabeth. Are you at Dillard. And then you'd be playing with Katie this morning 45 seconds on the clock he's gonna describe those movies in you gotta get the most right OK are you ready. Yeah I'm ready you'll be able to hear the timer but it's there. 45 seconds on the clock got. Let. You know how doesn't Maxi you're out sorry you wonder. Why. Baseball it's not hit the ball and I cannot. Know. He's somebody worded phalanx. Fun Eric is back to their rent then it's another and save it now back on. Ray Allen and let's go out and can easily slowed for the only don't because there are. Handbags. And then network. I got yeah. And and the guard and even. There are you lot. And well I she. Oh and. The greatest presents a girl wow. I'm delay when I go home today I am absolutely gonna go father's back at the oh. Hi just a good morning and are you going to be playing and Gavin okay. Know you'll let me down how. Are we have to go six for six. 45 seconds on the clock you're heading. I starts now I'll get this please say hello and goodbye in life. So I am. Like I got nothing else happened. You know we're gonna pass. Okay this is the. The job the good. And these are the people who are instructors at school. Yeah yeah. This. A little. Until all. So it right yeah a gala. I this movie where I guy from Billy did excellent adventure has a lot of guns and shoot people. On the the last name is what to light on again. Oh boy oh boy oh yeah. John wick yeah. Oh yeah. Below. Low. Law whom she's an ally whom I mean she was like a lull Honolulu she's close fish it was a matter. I didn't Al we have is this right now. My right you're gonna plead playing with our guest Sarah today or you're adding high dry out pretty you can do it. Okay onto my family is 45 seconds on the clock starts right now. And this is a movie about a issue goes missing in the ocean and his outlook and email good. This is a movie about a prince asked to leave the issue at a ball but yes this is a movie about these teens to. Get detention and in the morning. Are adding. I'm really it's kind of all it's about it's like cartoon in real life and and we'll sort out who pray to god. No no and so this is it that different on this this is a movie about it's it's not planes but they he would drive on only. Now seems a driver only and a car yeah. Okay and then this is movie about a fighter. And. And gamecube I am very high you do. I'm very sorry that Katie didn't I'll let you win and and music scene there babies. You that you did you get enough and rock and he all of my last one and a cold front Elk Grove to morning Nicole. Are all going to be playing with intern Kevin this morning you're adding what I've already old all right 45 seconds on the clock you'll be able to hear but it's never okay. I Kevin yes. It's now got. An Arab the dissident Liu Hui got a call. Yes why won't opposite of him. Hired a hit. I'm president a day. Night and then babies do this before that block. All that caller yes okay. This is the guy that. I'm made apple. Up more. This is the first part of my name. No no no no yeah. Yeah this is a movie about I think you learned and the girl didn't. It and then under the bike friendly given releases embassy CEO and personally husky absurd. But I. Got something in the sky I don't argenbright. Let. Me. Well. Irons. Saying yeah. I do Tommy yeah yeah. Haven't I know it's out IC get a picking numbers so high Britain never never. Yeah I'd pick a number I Nicole. A number between one and a hundred. IRA. And then Alyssa myth to get number between 150. Here. And the winner is. Who was the first person liquid will call no call your number let me moment sticky and seal lose and anti for nickel. Or. Not. I need. The car owners at the weekend. Congratulations and. Hi Sarah thinks are coming in not playing and no name of the game with us seeing you for having me as well. Unprofessional things where this is been so fun unless. Half and I didn't you're excited to add in Natalee and he graduated from when he high school my year on your way to Utah's seat all of bearing his congratulations a lot out. Utah yen stomach hurt and so many reasons I. Yeah. I it's C I rather have been no name of the game on the wake up call this a wake up call.