No Name Movie Game 1-19-18

Friday, January 19th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "No Name Movie Game" to give away tickets to Katy Perry: 


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I'm bloody known name of the game Katie what are the roles we can't describe the title in the movies you we keep using the words in the title of the movie actors actresses in the movie according to characters from. I'm six flip. The end. Tickets to Katy Perry and the witness to or it goes down and golden one center on January 31 up for grabs and by the way we just realized. This is our first known name will be game. Of twenty king. There's a fresh. Or ready to go and and will start. This Monique from Stockton. Good morning not much to me. On your game you don't let me down. I. And I and a lot connect suddenly conscious me the rest of us that it unconsciously. I listened. She is praying. That. Listen I'm not any veteran of the no name movie iron and by its name known to me now. Okay we'll have. Out there Arnold 45 seconds on the clock you're adding. All right and our times starts now hot little boy that can see dead people at the end of the movie. Yes 11. This is a win they canceled school it'll sell out white stuff also in the sky. Yes two. It's eighty. Yeah walking down the yellow. Me. Yes OK on this is. Eight company of the things that live in the closet under the bed. Yes and I'm not on our. I will find you in Jillian. I don't know. Let's see you last. And rep tiles I. It was taken. He can great John oh if people are. Our whole work for it you'll find you and I will kill you like. Begins and the. Some very good set of skills or something. You know that much to secure for example monologue Clooney I mean I'd do on that later. You will do okay in the off all right so a lot of C will go at that Dana good morning. Hey Dana from I'll go reclaim an intern Kevin this morning you're gonna out of early end. Up. Government risk there are a 45 seconds on the clock and it starts he now Adidas is a superhero with a big Hibbert. All you don't know what I think hamburger. Big hammering out the brother Eric thanks to. Part of adventurers. Okay wow I'm OK this is a big green guy that theories of princess that turned into an ogre. Yeah okay this I opposite of good. And then opposite adapts. OK to. This is this the sequel to a lot clouds mixed. Yes well at this thing is every city movie about aches and why Powell you've got three and I thought that was going down I know I am now night honey and not know which you bring your hasn't hammer I mean nor. He seems like one animal or. Least popular one not act now last. He's a he's bringing those Captain America is worse yet. Yes business steals needs just throw like a frisbee I mean come on get out. Eli from parents do morning. Warning indicating this morning are you reading yeah I am a record I had aids. I'll I'll I was unconscious. Thought. If I like it new war in Iraq. As well am I not being too yeah you almost had me. Get ready I 45 o'clock it starts now. In his movie is frankly my dear I don't give me. And murdered pass on that it didn't ease the way air hug her and I'd probably. Be on top of the bar. Dudley and hadn't set and I kind she. Ordering. And pretty legal on the vacation you read their room and say eight. Hotel. And declared that. And Dracula land. A get together. And didn't even think it's blank and roll. Rock out on top of the. OK. I need. You know and too late rock dog netted me the category three. Are. You testy percent and a good morning. Good morning good morning are you playing again this morning are you ready. Let it and I can't tell you I love. I can't fight and spirit are here are your ready I 45 seconds on the clock and it starts now. It's something has nothing inside of it it is. Not another word for it like I'm so sleepy. Now boy all right. This is and. Like you go. Not jury but at the journey of all of us are in the car together yes. This. About the Holocaust. And the most famous line about the aisle not at all. Why. From taken and all the Oscars. My alma got. And this is the movie where you thought. The guy that everybody. Yeah Einhorn reliable. Boo me wow I. And schindler's. Ever want plottage. Brad. The Apollo. Hollow man. I mean you couldn't not air but I mean if she would that hollow man these he does. Let's in the fact that he used itemized. In joined describes it wouldn't let us I thought it was great. Moaning and. The enjoy yeah. You did work in the end we got a guy is yeah. It's time yes we definitely good. We should have this every single time now some margin bear blast now congratulations Melanie compared to get to sit. Parried the witness tour golden align center on January 31. You're gonna go have a great time OK. I'd say you think it. One six the and.