No Name Movie Game 11-17-17

Friday, November 17th

The Wake Up Call play another round of the No Name Movie Game


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I wanna play my. I'm just no way does that. Hi you quoted telling them that day illness today. Doing the things this is not so hey in the windows only guy. I'm not up. And it's. He's gone okay now. So I'm forty elegant golf at a six by the end now we can you. Sunny high of 61 today high low Hulk Hulk Hulk we have embrace a new number we keep it up at 7 AM if intern Kevin wasn't doing whatever he was doing over in the other room we'd have a clue lump and our honor and to Graham and end 1065. I love the Los are wary of guys are you. Yeah that's I still have that moment clearly if you missed a loss of plague and coming up at 8 o'clock I'm 1065 BN. Already know hey. Movie game K one of the rules we describe the title of the movie TV teasing you the words or ten in the movie and the actors or actresses. In the movie characters from. And we'll. I'm a big player. We have to get CJC. At the golden one senator on December 17 if you can successfully walk away as champion. The no name movie game and Heidi is gonna started off for us from back to build good morning Heidi. All right my guys 45 seconds on the clock you'll be able to hear the tyra but it's there you're playing with Katie this morning okay. Okay kitty ready be up Syria a no name of the game in your time starts now. Isn't the thing about playing in the military. They're. Oudin dame does. Have. Yeah yeah. If the person you report still. It's gonna have a gun okay. You're not. How. OK yeah I thought I think he's legally in their little paint then and I'd get so what. Yeah it's yeah. And this thing they can corrected then. It only got two. Nolan I just letting you know he's rumored aggressive and this morning I'm Don bring you the city good morning. Learning your plane with intern Kevin a small. And look okay. 45 seconds on the clock Kevin they Redding. Yes your time starts now OK this may be a Disney movie about team. She hockey players. Are well. Yes winds and this is recently new Disney princess. I'm. Oh wow they're battles you're better than me okay the amount that I. I know is that it oh sorry I this is. Professional about talks animals. Yeah. And that way you're driving the car and decidedly breaks at the U. Go Florida Barack. And it hurts your neck. Last yes oh my god I work at this plays Texas Blake. Yeah. We did get the. We've got I believe you guys guys so our guys right during a slow you are now. Even added some small talk in until legal permanent what was the last one roadhouse. Is that did. Patrick Swayze movie. It's all the unit I Taylor primaries show good morning. More plainly Gavin this morning okay. I am ready all right 45 seconds on the clock and it starts now I'll be back. Yeah. This is the lady who's kind of in charge of England. This just abusive do you think we are. Done it here from the United States you are and no. No. Yes and. And a lady who comes clean your house is an eighth. Oh. Yeah. This live clean clothes. Well. Can. I would say that yeah yeah McCain and Clinton that I need any and then you said putted again. And your round lot that's fearless I love American meanie and I thought I'd Samantha good morning. All right Sid sent you put it would mean this morning and you're adding. All right 45 seconds on the clock and it starts. Now opposite a boy. It's where your neighbors live. Just like. People that are from the red planet. How does the names of the red planet. I addressed earlier of blood on the opposite a boy. And when you fall all over something laying in the middle of something year old. That's still. Saw him. One more than 491. More than one million. Oh boy yeah. And number. Hey do you like I'm so gut is super cocky nominee they. Still the red blend. Good clue all the large number eight's I I. About absolute passionate and it waves that lady's aides this painting that lately the never word. Him you know let us up it doesn't think how many how many of that clinic I gotta tell him out of the matter dog you why. I've got a guy. Once high five and ever seen. Don congratulations to get your paired tickets to see Jay-Z of the golden one said on December 17. I think our friends alike nation need tickets now at live nation dot com congratulations. And a 65 BN. Dogged him plus dependant on May get myself Cray. Downtown. He's out at home venue. Brave.