No Name Movie Game 11-3-17

Friday, November 3rd

The Wake Up Call play another round of "No Name Movie Game" to give away tickets to Demi Lovato & DJ Khaled.


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I'm pretty known name movie game Katie what are the rules and describe the title of the movie CU we keep using the Morgantown on the movie anyway. Actors are actors and movie the care. It's not a. And how wide out some action. And I. Ago that they should be able to lift it up for. Your playing for Jimmy a lot of tickets I would DJ Khaled February 28 SA peace setter in CNN's say those students go unsealed today I believe I you're gonna win and before you combine and let me pull the curtain back just for 12. All you know my game. Now the back story is I don't play the no name movie game because he's hit an eight play the Hernando and I've played it before on the shelves. I was terrible and it OK and still I had been an extra from participating which is fine. All well. You are very much on board that you should not be participating because I know I'm terribly bright soul up and sell only a couple of weeks ago I was like you know what I'm gonna start doing practice rounds on my ins to grandma on in two Graham live. And wake up call coasters were fantastic about it really can do need the encouragement support. And I need. So then I was like you know I. I'm gonna give it a shot so I have won the last three weeks in well the only three times I've played now while guy. Yeah wow now. In the process of the movie's getting distributed here in the studio Katie pulled a bunch of movies out of the movie bucket that we found it I didn't know any of bomb. Purposely try this Saturday all the pain in my. Oh. I know like you know as well that and very you seen ever booby. Don't know I. I know Hillary did I but is this like conspiracy theory now there is another gunman on the hill the judge today thanks ladies that is average better than. The young. All right. Now that I got that on my business. Good to be a better idea and you know life just because Mitt dean and I are gonna start off the no name movie game time. I want to point out that there are they bury good prize online payment and so if you don't win for Dana's life. Wow I'll call it I. Okay why dean is from Al groh it's unique Dina 45 seconds on the clock you will be able to get the tie ribbons to their okay. RA or nearly a 45 seconds starts. Now. Another phrase heard chickens skin. On your arms. He didn't. When he when he stared. At what what. People that wouldn't extorting you know. They do it that. We you don't tell the truth I'm still. Five more specific. What are you what are you call when you don't tell the truth. I. Hit parade. Not not the breezing getting married but the women the next the next hour ride yeah. Asked on my car. I know he'd go professional toxic animal. But you know are. Laid to. A wind. There eighth all seem like he's going to be tying her seemed really long bus that's kind of guy it was longer I thought they knew how well that's a really good. Aren't putting the good IRO. Oh me yet are those four right OK just making sure thinks it Dana great job. I. Let's see. Tiffany good morning. Morning by your playing Katie this morning okay Tiffany. Come 45 seconds on the clock and it starts now. And I. Wouldn't you follow the limit it's not your mouth. Yeah it's okay by the barn. All I don't. Think he's an. Old school yeah. Include my little irony. It's a big. Yeah. Yeah I think and what I blew that none of that say yeah. Yeah. Call us. And everybody thought it might even get it down. And then put his name on the water. It was kind of I. No doubt about it not that big. No I does shares Newsday outright without knowing your so right. In the hole and he. A new leads to like I've never ceases to try I'm scared I'd Sarah from. The bullet for a little. Several mullah great good morning there. You're saying you're playing an intern Kevin OK well yeah today I 45 seconds on the clock is starts now the opposite of deaths. Lib a lot. Now birds and cynical eye blink. Okay want to. This is this easier on their body. Stuffed animal back and talked. Under body stuffed animal that can talk he's very inappropriate add. NASA. Do you concede either rent now are blue now. Yes there aunt and does number after 126. There aren't I'll. Blue eyed blue guys. Short guys. And they did. In the United States cowboys play. Kevin. That's not true what the biggest biggest yeah California is no I beg to know her in size inside the last like Alaska. I'm thinking well. I. It's not weigh in in he Sarah you got the war OK hang on all right this your fox I don't fog yeah yeah. Farm size series got your time god if you could hear me rolling my eyes my heart is beating the I don't know all right guide Kelly from Sacramento the morning and bringing you finally Gavin all right. Our. Own okay we'll hit it. You're nervous I've already found myself. Could I area. Because they get started now okay this is the boat that sank. Yeah I love this is the female superhero. Wonder yeah. Others that Disney movie where an alien comes polite. While no. Does the little blue really and. And that's what you what you get when a doctor could you hoping to close about. It. Okay this is. Monster that's covered and in toilet paper. Now and yes I'm. World War II movie where they have to go to C. You got. A good. You know what the G1. Today. I Sara. Congratulations. To Donna and yeah. I know but why are more importantly you read read and that really matters now Demi back you know. You know what's great is the fact that. I'm OK with Sarah winning thing yet you. Figure out rightly he's probably like back but the fact is they Katie didn't beat me and I call. I. Given what you want he's try to take away from his sorry sorry lot. And he's trying to meet that have you know. No not at all I'm okay I'm okay with Kevin and Gavin are being mean and TV you know bolted Gavin I mean I'm okay. But our Katie couldn't hasn't spoken like a true lose or draw. I didn't do a lot of DJ Khaled February 28 SEP seder is San Jose congratulations Sarah. They yeah.