No Name Movie Game 2-16-18

Friday, February 16th

Listeners play the "No Name Movie Game" fir a chance to win Charlie Puth tickets. 


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Movie game Katie what are the rules. As we describe the title movie T we keep using the word the entire movie any actors actresses in the movie characters present. Don't think split. It's Scola got paired tickets to see Charlie Booth with Haley Steinfeld. A twit am but Peter August 17. On the line. Put 45 seconds on the clock we'll see how many movies couldn't get rights in. Sits deal. DF from Roseville good morning. And my own you're treated offered intern Kevin this morning you ready to go. My era yeah hey let's win a rival for 45 seconds on the Clyde DA you'll be able to hear the time will be there and you just gonna get the most right okay. Intern Kevin you ready to New York Times starts now okay this is a. Hop aboard the I have the hole that's a letter read on and then years it's called spirits. We didn't yes what about this is the first marvel group. Eric I know the very first when it consists not now I wanted I stretch is another growth though other guy's on fire. Yeah. Let's get your I'm Donald. Hey this is a does that prince that's not see the return calm before the clock strikes twelve. Under our it's at the movie it's not live action movie event. I know I. Update their rights get this is the guy that said I'll be back. And yes OK and. When he got three on the island. Hey it's not bad I can't believe she got fantastic four I does she see squeeze that in their. Why now. Megan from Rockland morning. Planet meet this morning okay right. Aren't here we go for 45 seconds on the clock and the times starts now. Odd frankly many don't give a damn. I got a yes. Smaller than a swimming pool. I'm now diocese did you put down like six people and small that is wearing little tiny yes yeah. I got a horse with the mask. My whole day. And world. I didn't say it. It's. The wrestling movie IMAX again I you put cheese on top but ships. Only. Let me guess spell out. You know she's. A lot allude Charlene Brey. I found not not generally break and I don't eBay. I'm so tired out. You got two votes. Are. Let's see see will go to amber got a good morning. Nor any hybrid on from Folsom replaying again this morning okay. I'll let it out okay a year ago I 45 seconds on the clock in your time starts now. This is odd Disney movie about a boy. Raised in the wild the India not noted outlook looks. That's just my thumb this movie at some labor Oscar about a little boy with a messed up face. Yes you. This is another Disney movie about. Will odd girl princess who the group that goes by. For a long time yes very young very does. The about an alien. That comes down to the jungle and fights people kill people. Bobby's got a mouth I don't know all right skip. Movie bees learn old time ATV show whether. At 33. In. Rachel from Elk Grove good morning. More by. All doing the Katie ready to go 45 seconds of the clock and it broke into. Keep our car and what I need to move the third just keep it the group curled up about. It. Did he really had been standing. On what you're saying watch and more than forty watt. Obama you know. We had business person IP security. And and human right. Let. Bob is saint. It. And box or so of the and I. Wow. Takes on knocked it out of the park congratulations. On. War. And winner of the no name of the game today be Abbott apparent tickets to see Charlie tooth in his Lisa I'm Donald Toyota and the theater on August 17 you're gonna go to the show can match. Are you that yes. We got congratulations have a great weekend okay. Now this 16.