No Name Movie Game 2-17-17

Friday, February 17th

Listen to the Wake Up Call play another round of the No Name Movie Game! The winner this week will receive tickets to see Steve Martin and Martin Short;


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It's a wake up call on one a 6:5 the end I am Marines filling in for. This crap. He is he alienating the very. Are you supporting characters from the moon. And it all network can't just put the point in her I'd agree point all right 106. They end okay we can do that at no point ever talked about you know I. Caused some ray is here heat Kaman who. 1 morning and said we doubt. Let there. I. All right I guess you can let you lead then the rules the planets and I think yeah I heat inside. All right it is April on the line from Sacramento the morning. I April's on your gonna be playing with Kevin okay. Born from. How she will only Saturday night and I winning from big league at. The lull anybody prominent hunt and I. About sixty seconds in sixty seconds right 4545. Seconds. And this for Steve Martin Martin Short tickets come to Concord pavilion. In August all right Renny. Our cavity you write how I'm nervous I think here I'm okay by the clock starts right. Now I did the opposite a small. Okay and the opposite of talk. Okay yeah OK okay this isn't Disney movie. He's he's and raised by eight. I'm you slings her mind yeah I'll do what's what's okay let out okay I'm. Would now. Basel and well no I. Bet this is nominated for how many grammys was nominated for many grammys. It's a sing along not a sing along and musical outlook or yeah. And there's there's. This is a math symbol that equaled three point 14 iron. Let's said. Now hang in first ball no swearing in April on. Now to lay and by the way. You feel because it didn't and Bob were you pay he. Saw it isn't part of the AM that the movie was the legend of. Turn stands you have to read Harry and our. Seeing old body got to right man she's still a good luck. Past when she didn't get the title. He panicked and panic I think they hope that we wouldn't have seen Ali Zardari under high pressure is next I'm shells on up from Stockton and clearly Gammons morning good morning Michelle. I Hyman shot Philly your energy level a little bit more confident I could do. And eleven it was all right yeah. I am a I'm 45 seconds on the clock starts right now. Not sure why. And god this is the beautiful. White birds and but little. That one and this is. A Disney movie where. It's an YE it was just out. This. Good luck. Songs and an. Yeah I this. I'll marvel movie where at this at Europe is this shouldn't what do you call eight. US yeah. He did this Christmas movie about a little boy who loved around the house all the. I'm sure you're on fire he's. Got 30 that's good that's good three. Hey I'm John Hanna can. We're gonna get a Stephanie from Fairfield plainly Katie this morning good morning. That bringing out. He now. I'm 45 seconds on the clock are you reading. Orange starting right now. Or. And they need to go to the well but. It's okay. Yeah and this is the very much a and I. And heat she and they I'm virginal girl and did they just cannot the most recent move me. 000. Yeah. And crashed shirt is good and it didn't I don't on do you think did you believe that a dog the dog. Thanks. Boiler. Yeah yeah yeah. He wow lol wow wow I think tied Katie knows I'm. Ryan we get that soon but that's what you guys are in the losers circle all we you and Michelle you're the winner congratulations. You are. Welcome you got to against the goes sees Steve Martin and Martin Short nine that you all forget for the rest of your life is hard. I know it's pretty funny well they're funny guys that well that's a good point and I heard there's gonna be banned Jones but tickets are still available August 11 at the Concord prevailing congratulations. Acer follows over to 165 we appreciate it. It. Wake up call it's. Never between a horse that's been. Inside the N. I'm trying to.