No Name Movie Game 2-23-18

Friday, February 23rd

Listeners play the No Name Movie Game with the Wake Up Call to win tickets to Beer Fest or Kidz Bop! 


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It is time for all our. Handed and all the time no. Began one of the six foot. Winner's choice today we have a pair of tickets to see kids Bob lives a July 16 at Papa Murphy's park in your tickets to kids gobble libel suit each into the California State. Or if you're over 21 you can to get these VIP tickets to the capital beer fest on March 3 at capitol mall. With over a 125. Breweries in twenty food vendors. Be good time to winner gets to pick the tickets for today will start off with Britney from back to build good morning. All right you're playing with Gavin this morning I opal and we'll put 45 seconds on the clock you'll be able to hear the timer but it's there and he just got to get done the most right to win a grand. Yeah avenue ready got ready all right 45 seconds on the clock starts now. And. The name of this movie. Oh my we don't know if he can't go okay. Mom this is the movie about dinosaurs and the theme park. Now the other one alleges came out. Yes flood bomb okay the jobs. Donald Trump says it's fake this. I like where you read all why it's happening. It's. And Ferraro Bob Bob on grizzly attacks off or. Done. I wish people could see the debt. I haven't space and body off the bat and what she could detect sound a little bit of a key done quite right back. Yeah acts OK and who doesn't know that and alas I was bad news bears. Them. On let's seal will do Jimmy from that decides to morning. Here's my. Mean you're playing with Katie this morning okay. A year and 45 seconds starts now. Steals rich against the war. Okay this is hey the reason Star Wars the am I. And blend and inform on you read about it. Really light heat and alien and she lived in a YE. We weren't yes OK did you teach and you never let you do on that. One yeah. Sheet and slipper. You and your kid out but. Yeah. The like it I mean. Store a cinder. You not warrant that was wow Kyle. Yeah our Lola. On money from Stockton to morning. Your plan to meet this morning okay yeah I don't let me all right 45 seconds on the clock and the times starts now. How we got to drive 88 miles per hour the flux capacitor. I'm troubled. Why not. You just coming out of my mouth. Yes. Com. I did yeah animated dancing penguins. Now I'm not a now. Donna pass. Would see out Ford guys of the black truck there crime fighters they used to be in the military. One has a mock up of this is going swimmingly okay. Those were not bad and it's actually been Gregg got it doesn't matter what the last the. Car and you're happy the way it is I think it's. More I don't watch a whole lot about the words. What it's the. Okay between back to the future eight team happy feet yeah you can do. Iran's main all right all right Alina is an Iraq and I aren't Liz amount of good morning. All blended in certain Kevin this morning ready to go. I've 45 seconds o'clock this time starts now. This is deep seed live B consists of seven man. Out while Lebanon as the woman outlet do you think. I just want to this is any movie about NASA and three women and that are you don't expect to be part of NASA. I'll take deep aren't robots that can turn into robots. Yes. They think a movie about people are trying to kill each other and only want presently. No no no I. Opera I I'm volunteer trip you just gotta look at this is another name for Superman. Opposite of what men. In. Korea now. And it's too that is his job to. Lay you. It. Well done I Jimmie are. No winners picked today it appeared to get stick kids bop a July 16 at Papa Murphy's park or OB of compared VIP tickets. To capitol beer fest which when he wanted to go to. All god. But I would like to state their diplomatic and I am gonna go open the capital bit. Anger are excellent excellent choice are in since we got these sexy compared tickets and Kevin was the next in line to get. He's right eight Liz were gonna sit in due to accuse the apply the Papa Murphy's park okay. Also I absolutely think soliciting every weekend okay.