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No Name Movie Game 4-13-18

Friday, April 13th

The Wake Up Call play another round of the No Name Movie Game. The winner picks Chris D'Ella or Festival of Dreams tickets!! 

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It's time for the no name movie game Katie what are the rules. We describe the title movie she would keep using the word that I had a movie in the actors actresses in the movie Puerto caregivers from him. One that's what and where. Or picks against today we have tickets to see Chris DiLeo the comedian he's going to be at the crest teeter on May nineteenth he's from the NBC comedy series and he noble war. A four pack of tickets to tomorrow's festival jury present about California family fitness. It's that the grounds in Roseville all of us from the we could call will be up they're standing attending M tomorrow. So while winner gets picked that tickets today and kicking it off a Danny from Fair Oaks good morning. Marin your plane adapt this morning OK. So 45 seconds on the clock you won't be able to get the tiger but it's there okay. All right here we go Gavin raider all yes your time starts now. This is the hot movie about a high school student who pretends to be sick sort of an after school. A lot out. But I'm if you are somebody who does not tell the truth what are you. Yes I'm one quarter. 41. Or acts come to say this. Movie about. Eight Playboy bunny that. Move to a neighborhood. And let yeah. First rule that you talk about it yeah. Everywhere else in the car all of that and I. All the and. There. He adds it is and I thought. Well why do any good word yet six on the island. Michelle from Stockton to morning. You blame an intern Kevin rated Lou. We have to be six iron or young 45 seconds of the clock in your time starts now these are the let the little guys that live under bridges. Oh yes like I'm he says LB dot com. Yeah. Another White House. How it's another word for how I golf great yes. Yes and then I just did the job laced guy. A presidential event. Top and then opposite of up. Yes are these are the greens creatures that outer space. Alien guest. That. Quite proud to a movie about arms dealer and the lead coming up my mouth. Rush hour yes. That's another great. And now don't we show you got six on the island. Out. Eight from Elk Grove good morning my age you and me ready to go ready all right 45 seconds and it starts now. Unlike. Like a better better than like luck and I the opposite a Garfunkel. That's why and opposite good. Opposite of dad's. Not yes. Oh my goodness this comes off of the sudden. He can't put INN and I. The three. Yes. I don't know about darkest color ever. Black and I got an ally in. The I. Don't kid got faster than that. Out at. The. All right all four okay all right. Patricia present decides to morning. Earning ukulele Cady this morning your reading. Of eighty and 45 seconds sides now. Isn't it or not he's. Down. Yeah. Okay and I here's trivia. Yeah yeah. Yeah there are. Newly married and okay and scary scary and Libby did great yeah. It. Had she is free and she's all I. Want that's okay. And he does need an older he's treatment. And it isn't as well. EU cooler. Three and a day. Never saw hundred. Now I'm their requirement and I don't know what was the first one. Similar to roll era in it's not a movie. I am moving and I hadn't been known EO Brian. Are. I'm from all right so amateurs for hunger the I we have a tied both Kevin and Gavin got six so I've written down a number between one and a hundred okay hand I'd do any what is your guess. Rants. And down Michelle what did you number. Between one and a hundred or was that again. EQ all right the closest. Is. Odd so I'm Michelle what's the number AA. There. And. Michelle let you pick your tickets today crystal Leah at the crest feeder on May nineteenth or four packet gets to tomorrow's festival of dreams. Presented by California fearless in his in Roseville which when he wanted to go to. During yet you've got it and then now because you know Danny was close and we actually lose. God Danny out all look up at the appeared tickets to be a festival of dreams that goes down tomorrow in Roseville all right. You gotta think so and have a great weekend.