No Name Movie Game 4-20-18

Friday, April 20th

Listeners play the No Name Movie Game with the Wake Up Call for a chance at Ryan Cabrera tickets! 


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It's time Freddie known name movie game. What are the rules we're gonna describe the town the movie T we keep using the word isn't and the movie and the actors actresses and a movie accordingly characters from the. And it. And the. Let's explain it. CNV. A little extra love Blake and and I thank you way to kick it up for Friday. Thank you on the line apparent tickets to see Ryan Cabrera he's gonna be a gold field on April 30. Former. Boyfriend and Ashlee Simpson arraignment you don't have to keep playing his song I did everybody knows exactly right what are SharePoint rank where they can't stop talking about how what do they say about him oh my god first twelve love love you love your hair. Loved them at the hedgehog in thing. And and they say am remembering you're just adding those. There and very nice bean seeds won for. That's why we don't say okay. I could face time to be a no name of the game and I share and from Sacramento is gonna keep it off for Easter morning Sharon. All put 45 seconds on the clock and you won't be able to get the timer but it's there you're playing with intern Kevin today intern Kevin greater role literally yeah. I've 45 seconds of o'clock your time starts now this is the number after one Tony six. What are yes and then there's six. He minutes inane. Yes put it together. Yes what and then I. This is they say and he plays with water. Yes. He sent it as their visit they this dobbs had a cold. Opposite of called. And then you play and then you go incidents not a pull banana. It's a round or go. Yes yes there. I just did add the building blocks. And kids' toys. I. Yeah if three on that 13. Com Tiffany brown in a city good morning. Your play again this morning okay little cabin just took the last one that he didn't get crumble it up and threw it down in such a tantrum. Throats lists and a just get that. Out iron sharpens iron I. Had a today all right so Gavin this is Tiffany 45 seconds on the clock at times there's. How would you play sports you get this jacket with leather sleeves. It's time Letterman. Guy has another name and if you're not the JV squad you're the art that's. This is a children's books out but they're scary creepy. We're. Not the scary creepy evil series and get up on double figures understand. Yeah. It includes my god okay I'll be back. We can't turn it. OK Tom this is the movie where everybody goes. The online world that theaters right now and done there's there's a whole revolution. Trying. No I. A little hypocritical all of that went ahead and her husband and add new college Diem travel but then it's okay every you know. You can't hear you head out at a time. Environment and number only got two and cities' rights home game. He's a boy oh boy he's only two on the island goosebumps yeah yeah I'm never going Asa at the end of morning. Maureen you plenty ready hi I DN duplicating this morning okay. All right 45 seconds times it's now. Another way to say lady's vacation. It's a god and that's bad to help Borg a glass slippers. Well OK yeah and if I am going to tell you would hail sit down kid I'm gonna tell you luck. Or put together. So thank you and ER on the team that let you never get to play you have to sit on. This is you take a blue or red now. And they weren't leather jacket and they've dodged bullets. It's above the yeah our. No answer and very. Our OKG. Odd front mixing a morning. Are you going to meet today reading. You know 45 seconds and it starts now she lost forty K in an area with tall buildings. And forty K in an area that tall buildings. M. He did did it's I. Our hockey we with a bunch of kids. Com. The flying VA. Yes. Opposite of north. Now another name for a foot and yes well now. Classy or named for a female. Com or you know yes I did things apply in this guide. To things that finalists got. That's all formal. That. Sex and the City was the morning hey we're only now now lava and all right well. Looks like Katie pulls out the victory today. And and that was so three out congratulations. Did you tickets see Ryan Cabrera he's going to be yet gold field on April 30 Kevin you. And. Oh yeah yeah yeah I know but he said my clueless not I've been socked in I don't think I've been sake here's here's. We can do Kevin what are you do what I did. And do some practice rounds on this to Graham growing is to Graham live with wake up call listeners are what I great idea when you come back next week you will be ready to I will get seven you'll be trained like seven and I've been I'm aiming for a seventh what is just in to win first and then shoot for the record I soup for the stars on a time if you wanna win was seven next week colony and so via congratulations have a great weekend.