No Name Movie Game 5-18-18

Friday, May 18th

Listeners play the "No Name Movie Game" for a chance at Amy Shumer or Shawn Mendes tickets! 

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It is time for the now name movie game Katie what are the rules we did describe the titled movie Hugh we keep using them. The word Montana the movie and TV actors or actresses in the movie or characters from them. Why I think. The end winner does seem like you. Are getting lautner there. You're yelling earlier doing are you smarter and having Katie now you are your. Urgent screaming Indian trail for new name movie game I'm sorry you guys are recognized enthusiasts and all. Okay that's what I'm sorry Joseph I guess. I'll winner picks tickets today you could see Amy Schumer at the Lake Tahoe outdoor arena Harvey's August 12. Porsche on Mendez coming back to Sacramento July 11 2019. And the golden one center and to get it out today Chris from Stockton good morning. Awarded one Christian replay would Gavin this morning okay. All right we'll put 45 seconds on the clock you won't be able to hear the timer but it's there okay. Our DeVon ready yes there were times starts now. If you are not the pilot or eight flight attendant on a plane you are an eight. Up floral. Yes why not I'm okay well one number more than eight. And this is big different sections of pan am in the Hunger Games. They were called. They were called. Certain amount of time a gate on opposite of COLT. But another word for it it's it's and it's a dry. Yes there this is these were people in each that would play to the death for entertainment. Yeah that's pretty okay if you're not strong. Boy we got three on island. Districts. He had just district now saying not this kind of man I loved that movie and I'm not a lot of people did everyone that did. Did this nominee for best picture I couldn't find a lot of people that they can get into you would need to hang out better people don't know oblivious district nine is incredible Sydney for branch of the morning. Immortal duplicating this morning that. Yeah. 45 seconds on the clock your times are now. And and meet her the other extinct. Together. Fly and they went. And you would write and a little luck and you'd say and play. I need right on your feelings. I'd have to act fast. Need. You out you're texting. You can do a little light and I. I pains are like little bigger. Yeah. The polite. Okay good. And she isn't. It is time and loan there. You know Ali next door boy. It. And I have heard do Bridget Jones diary by starting with diary batten. I'm Amy from Lotta good morning. And Clinton meet this morning okay. Buying real 45 seconds time starts now our biggest city in Washington. And when you are odd couple wake. Rely on time. In. Not so yeah it's wide eyes of the earth Tuesday. And a bunch of monkeys. What the president lives. Yeah. Council weighing an odd it's the highest level of education. Before college. Follow Obama. Via letter before PIB. A group of people all together yeah. I did well it's still light rain yeah. Think our job and grabs. Wow hi it's stars seem. Yet stars see from Sacramento you're playing with intern tomorrow morning are you ready. Iraq got beat five the Rio. For a forty bucks sickened them the blogs started out this is a giant lizard that destroyed still needs. The opposite of death. Opposite of death death. I know op. Yes I had to sit the group has suddenly instantly hear rounds that is DC related. And now DC SE. Get that ticket to lock the number up to forty. Okay yes. I've been ever after 26. And went anywhere these lot. It's the short people and I'm Lar race. Not. The elves that pretty people. What was happening on us. Hey. I must tell you you're wrong because you know DC way more than I do. Toward the seven members of DC justice late. Op classics permit ops command. Marcia and and wonder lament and I'm missing more than flash these in as little as eight may end that our marvel. Yeah I don't know the difference and. And as you know. I'm only remains in. In other greens green lantern yeah the comment about the movie yet gone gone all right so that means. Emea is going. It. Her dad you sure got we let you pick your tickets Amy Schumer currently Todd or Reno or show on Mendez at the golden one senator. Aiming a brain tumor or Amy Schumer it is congratulations maybe have a great weekend and we're all your. I only go.