No Name Movie Game 5-19-17

Friday, May 19th

You know it’s Friday if the Wake Up Call are playing the “No Name Movie Game!” Play along as you listen to the latest round:

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It's time for the know any movie. This crowd telling the movies flu season. Movie any. I it and our first contestant playing with I Gannon is going to be Jessica from Rancho just in the morning. 45 seconds when the time are you on here or trust me is there and starts with Karen's first clue. Okay this is a I superhero movie with the talking trading. And a god yeah. Okay the opposite of yes. Though and. When you need legal place to locked inside that you have to. Yeah yeah I. Word I don't know. It's no. It's a blank plans like god. If I'm Obama look good and. OK. Yeah. I think another week. I hope not and not my king the other civil rights leader do you think these. Now it's none of. We do not heard one in the Anaheim and neither me Zambia's. Great job that's the hard work again look for Elizabeth is from Fairfield Elizabeth you're playing with me can we be three. Let go well it wasn't sure I copy you're going to be even let's do this your 45 seconds no any movie game. I restarted my first clue which is itself out of the marriage of bear any he's British beer and eat eat turns marmalade and he are. It. I guess as I've had climbed oh okay what are these may not believe July 8. Of course is just I just the last word. It was true of I don't oh god. If you're injured you say oh my god are you ruled contesting you're OK yes yes says again. Hertz yes and word in the in high sweep with a stuffed it in New York. You are out there. Missouri three I hope he's an archaeologist in DC find stuff that he is the first had to go to the first when the first one. Lucky. Yeah is raiders blessed I was Raiders of the Lost Ark so don't. The personal called in the image out yeah. Just a mass media that's what they did I believe in the engines like 12 and three or something the second are you about a locker call that red is like Indiana Jones. Reentered the jet on tough. And why your idol adds. United did miss and has now we have about three were tied Cain does Syria play with Saturn and though. Oh yeah. Fernando from side you're out with Katie know any movie game here in the wake of cog in time starts the first clearly indicating slow and Fernando. Was doing. Which elementary school you used to get my gun first second or third despite the rally. You say the reds dear somebody in the bottom. As well and done got mad that I had an ad on third and one cat who. Good and yeah yeah yeah. We're glad you and not the Albright. And the movie twilight island Ly. Isn't it happens to start. Rhetoric. All I know how hard I was. They're real great Fernando and enjoying Kevin Candice from Elk Grove says oh. And it's in your Kevin's hometown. And now we don't take credit for him but I realized Powell I don't know I would doubt very dominant win for our town hometown no name of the game and turned him 45 seconds starts now. And Edison. It's a live anywhere there let old little yellow guys' night out and enact minions yes I and then. And that most of Salo. POK and then I'll when you hit in the water now let me get something instead that. And that. They hit six passes another web Democrats. Beat. Yeah let's do let's get around and if your possessed by a demon you Colin needs. I don't rule. My good good yes I. It runs on tracks and it goes. Pretty Havana and got class isn't that. Those are always tell us when it was Katrina in practice anywhere grant our valiant. Well we have to go to Fernando congratulations Fernando. Great. Relations sir it is to control thanks for playing the no name movie M thank you weight classes I the end.