No Name Movie Game 6-22-18

Friday, June 22nd


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It is time for any no name movie game Katie what are the rules and discredit title reads you keep using the word that antenna a movie in the actors are. In the movie characters from them. And think what it. Final question there yes. Are up for grabs today baby a four packet tickets to kids Bob why July 16 and pop Merck peace park pushing it into the California state fair that day. You just have to get the most movies correct. And you went and that's simple Kevin just like that. One now I know and now we'll start with is Donna. Donna hi good morning. Why you play with me this morning okay. We'll put 452. Thought that I found that 45 seconds on the clock you'll be able to get the timer but it's aero tanks. All right our time starts now these are black and white bears live in China. Yes why he planned. The movie of a family of superheroes. In the sequel just came out. The sequel just give yes OK it's him not beauty and I'll. Yes great when your kid and you ran around and you touched your friends back and forth that was called a game of yes our odd the opposite of lice. And we and you hope and you do you discipline a star. Put together. Yeah yeah I. Am I. If you got yeah. Thank god you didn't things that I know I had those the first thing wow. Why I was all don't you lose announced the. And yeah. The best I can do it granite as. I'm going to be very high that was you know my job I'll. I this should give me a break I see here out for you that. Feel good morning. They're more when you played Gavin this morning a guy. He done or 845. Seconds on the clock time starts now. These are things you read. And that Bob let people get together and form one of these. I know no thought on that the tiger sandwich with a toothpick Emmitt. With players. Cash. And non. This is the. I he gets might be at the end and and everybody cried home. We'll also. Move. I love and it's also. The temptations. I don't know how long it's got the kid from home alone and an eight. And didn't turn out. This is the movie that line on. 8 AME the air out I. I'd like to join a book and yeah. But Islam. Veronica and my girl was the other one is illegal in let them in on exactly in Sacramento morning. Good morning Kevin I know. You go out and help. 45 seconds and golf isn't that Grammy nominated it takes place at Sacramento now. Opposite. A man lady bird yeah I'm glad to meet that guy he's green and he stole Christmas. It's okay. And when you're dating someone and then it's the finals it's like one of the biggest steps are you go to their house didn't proposal. Now now now too soon. About it yes sir I am. I am. It's not color it's color at the basic color. But totally. The opposite blow. Right yes okay bits of the tiny Bernard. I know. Well like old red stair yeah Athlon. Events are really hard run. I love the reasonably Lieberman's Grammy nominees put. Am not saying mean a little different clients and I assure our. In my scenario. Yeah sure aren't from Sacramento duplicated this morning okay. So 45 seconds and got. Everything really came out surrogate female comedian she hits her head and she thinks she's gorgeous. And I. Wasn't. Oh yeah and the day. But again. When we ask miss them more than anything bad name. Step out okay it okay. And it's okay. Yet. They're okay did you might personal thought since the went. And Irene yeah. And lazy gentlemen. By now somebody got five out of five. Didn't I didn't lie or five yeah and is dumber it's just got re air yeah. And yes. College Donovan did good today we did guide we did real good and I mean acting all autumn. What's out. Of course you know and she are yeah. Can add my congratulations for packet tickets to kids Bob live tickets still available for the a show on July 16 at Papa Murphy's park. And no we got you into the California State they're seeking enjoy your time at the state fair that you so much releasing congratulations. 16 IV and.