No Name Movie Game 7-13-18

Friday, July 13th


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Those 65 feet and live from Davis today at this time they don't name of the game came when. Back and a movie. Movie or even. I wanted to split. And Obama felt that's fine. Larry there that technical. Are we have tickets not to seek immediate team gaffe again that the ballots you know resort on July 21. Indy in the game movie game today. And executing kicking it off lied about your from Davis to Sacramento on your plate with Gavin this morning good morning. Yes but what I all right out. Or did it but what. We are deeply last week. I'll put 45 seconds on the clock you'll be looking at the time but it's there okay. Get ready to golf I am ready to go all right your time starts now. All this ninth street. Twelve straight. And. The story next what what occurred on the opposite side. Opposite of that. Yes. That's not a motel it's not. Com it's where all the laws lived there. Yeah I. Well all people black people. The Akbar. Tunnel. Opposite of toy. Poodle and and I if you walk from room. Laws now Euronext or it's tough. REF four and Alan we got you except is that him immediately into mourning Kim. Duplicated this morning okay. You know I am feeling good about this okay. I'm 45 seconds on the clock and got. Caught that get you your finger aren't trying not on what abort. I think. The older movie about it. Yeah and did and OK okay happened and do you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The key putt not all are that are they worked on. Hey. I am honoring or. Honorable and admirable I I'm eighty I'll I'll oh hi there minarets are working. Night spotted Oakley good morning. The morning Atlantic 7 this morning and and again and again and then Canon theatre done 45 seconds. Times starts now. I that the robot got into third and on earth transformers. Now now I hate me. Did he give you won't eat yes why not that's why haven't they get an art roster and you go back in Clark an effort to neck. Yes. That there's a non. It off them the I. You need not. After Derek and on. Thursday comes after there's been. Writing. Now I and then when you are are doing something. I asked now Matthew on the dance floor. Okay I'm doesn't like undercover person that you don't know. Let free ride again how hot as they freak. You why it is saying that the rights I get to an island pennant here we go a last line Steve at the last second morning. The mourner rain all right let me this morning. By the way I mentioned this earlier now the winner of the node name movie game today. Gets their own raid on second street thanks to the marching band we have your Davis today youth. That's okay UC Davis Clark is still out of spite of the block. The leader of the lighted and Kevin are ideally now 45 seconds and at times starts now when you get cold you get these aren't your arms. Your response when asked. I green guys super angry superhero. Regrettable. Yes. Machines travels back in time hot seat vacated his mom terminator at any. Circle is today. JAM. This this is wet so the water yeah are I'm not an adult Monday. Child. Smaller. Not even smaller and maybe yes and then not this is that someone's gonna ask what you graphic art. Somewhat muted so we'll do this with you apple argued over. I have. I wrong. Yeah five yet yeah by terminator goose bumps holt maybe driver. Had not run. That rang me and my. Oh my god that's. Added. Then all of a oh my god let it. Adulation. Wake up call wanted to live via. 1065 B and.