No Name Movie Game 7-14-17.mp3

Friday, July 14th

The Wake Up Call play another round of the No Name Movie Game to give away tickets to War for the Planet of the Apes:



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And it's a wake up call out what a six by the end it is the wake up call sex on tour we are in Elk Grove where the McDonald's on Sheldon to go to come by and say hi I just starting. At 8 AM this morning though. It's 844 Friday we have tickets to see Jay-Z at the golden one setter every 44 minutes today. Right here on what a six by the end. It's time for one of our favorite games we do would be no name movie game. Yes we have some war of the planet being skinny what is. Clearly. I got on. The music you. Now I hear I didn't know I. It was getting I'm. It's an inexperienced man it was horrible it is your mustache Christian valued at a that's right you picture of my new mustache that Ravi encouraged him. Check out why isn't anti government wake up call will boys. Are all right still IBM. The seat. I'm Kevin we're gonna have you start first you and days dominate from Eldorado hills is on good morning dominate. Dominique good morning may have stopped the Dominique. Hello. I'm saying I got the name right I doubt any. Well. Oh I don't mom and I can't really do you ironed. Out now. A little book a little bit. Maybe I need to shout louder out right now out out out okay. I'll talk like to have yelling at legally. All right sold put is if 45 seconds on the clock and those Yemeni movies you can get right okay. Got it about them timer starts when the first clues starts again this is a movie about how big Disney villain back to turn into a dragon. Didn't earn it and you're dragging. Yes that's an act that. I'm exceedingly. Now let up the village to village. She got ill and developments legality. Not just OK LA at speeds are machines that can turn into robots. And mr. gene back in and then you go about. I go about. And now they usually cars. I don't parenting is as okay. This is this is a. Are aren't robots. All odds aren't as seen Paul it's okay yeah I ask Gavin. Cars that turned out OK let's could seek yard yard yours includes vital road Chris from Roseville plainly Gavin this morning hi Chris good morning. Thank you morning at asking guys if I can hear it perfect I great 45 seconds on the clock and it starts now. Not eight not eight trillion another billion bytes lower amid a million app and then if you. Brandon annual human. You are eight. I'm Million Dollar Baby. But I feel like you're considered and I lit that's an aviator yeah. Eight that that the island. Chain can't go island yep a lot they get. Strip. Well like like their second deadly of these. In and let her look for Vegas and. I'll have another neighbor Zain gas stop. And I. Fourth three BF three lines 34 we got for now he didn't get to the city I wanna count and anyway putted nine. Yeah pentagon might die Katie is on from load I've played with KD the thing. Good morning hey you need I'll take the did I point five seconds on the clock and it starts now. She. Hero it's like that helped superhero movie that just came out one Iran. Why. Powell got he. I'll call eight and he has played the dramatic and hello. Are. You lying. Maybe. You can look up on the person that picks people up but a limo you're a blip not all of yeah I've read OK but there. I read. And it. About like art and the movie about like art. A bit. Katie is no let our. Yeah. Yeah arrow through the eight feet maybe it. Again. A volatile long. Well okay that's okay. I JD congratulations because she doesn't tickets check out war of the planet of the apes which if you would like to reader review of the Gavin as kindly put together a community Gavin grades the movies dot com congratulations JD. I found thank you so much.