No Name Movie Game 7-20-18

Friday, July 20th


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Those 65 feet and it's not complaining no name movie game. The rules. Yeah. Ask your columns and along well cut. I'm a flood back to tickets to the California state fair going on out right now until July 29 and ten nights were pulling double duty. We're gonna broadcast live Italy could call a top ten countdown tonight at California State scarcity can stop by NC un us. And not at this the first time I think we're gonna do that no name movie game lied about here at the wake of calls sack count tour. But that's somebody buying a residents of Elk Grove that diplomats CS orders theory it is right now. I'll has started off with true. Do the more I Tuesday. A long time competitor. I had written and I give myself. And they're gonna name of the game with bonds have a professional know in the movie gamer yes. It's too. I'm playing with Gavin this morning you won't be able to get the timer but it's there will put 45 seconds on the clock ebony ready to go. I'm ready to our Abbie. Apple W talk like that I don't all right what you think outlet think 45 seconds at your time starts now that the about a guy who had big thick paper but didn't act flood. Jim Jim any cute too many Jim you. Super cap are troubling that. I thought I asked. I thought about what I thought I had not met their puppet we go out. Cartoon characters. All part of ballplayers. In the Mac break I don't got multiplied and the bishop monsters. They upload the and then minions know. Any isn't it I think. Yeah. Ever burn haven't. Alrighty got freon that went out all right next up is a Bridget. Average appointment mean this morning okay. All right 45 seconds on the clock are time starts now this is what you do what I want to get a job though it have you and this is with the blood sucking of fictional cared empires. Put it all gotta interview them. Vampire and we have. Have picked up at odd excellent article should dry out oh sorry yes die another name for Jim. I don't know who the gym. And work out the pain yet another name that a longer version of it gymnasium note that. Com let's see hot day out went to the moon and they couldn't get back. Act Houston we have a problem I have is that I. Honor quietly and you moved up purposely murder someone you know. You Berger got everything in my eyes are. Well yeah. I. Just outside the Apollo thirteen. James and the giant Eads James and the giant. Got. What that was all I all month yeah. I'm all right is not. The pain certainly. Are you in your honor yes I am and Jimmy is also in the our way out I exodus Kelly. OK I like failure by McCain and I. Might 45 seconds o'clock they'll and that's to New York Times starts now. And eat. In light. I am. Elf yeah. What in pairs dip a all white rabbit out an album and they're at it. And I don't you know. Six cent a panic. But we're hours of why and what that 120. A hundred is an hour hearing that bought a hot but if somebody any more clip unlike I have follow. I. Ally I'm. OK I. That. Yeah banner and white rabbit. Army. Still got five or that's up five why it's. Aloha Bob Lindsay is next Lindsay is playing against him in the morning right litany. I'd 45 seconds look like have any batting yes well she's playing for two with spare she's very frank. It's. Getting more help our problems that we got 45 seconds and go the opposite of loud. Quiet and then my place that's what. Opposite party. Another work for terrified. Scared yes and that you blocks the scary movie yet. This is not even here on marveled at go long. Having him and that has partnered him in in the lot yet. Love you played it but you can't you there may not mean. Blake or you do it. Clean green and now I. I hit it in the fighting game with what it gave back out now you know I you give them. Not yet I've been dug up the bill live now turned into a dragon. Billowed into the black jacket. On I Disney movie flak jacket yeah. What area three. Hit a letter today. All right well back. What that last moment but right in the dragon with green. Playing you they're there. Yeah. Europe Herbert. I Kelly where's Kelly Kelly come on up. I congratulations a job for packet gets to the California state fair. Eyes gut check in all the rides I goes now until July 29 have a great time OK thank you so it's yeah. Yeah.