No Name Movie Game 7-6-18

Friday, July 6th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "No Name Movie Game" to give away FRONT ROW tickets to Harry Styles:

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65 the end broadcasting live from Eldorado hills flat not name the game hitting. The word title and you. Hello. And movie K ones they like and he had like eating area I know. It's not my. It delightful and great girl here is that the key thing that when he. I we're gonna let it known name of the game on the line for on. Raleigh tickets to see hair styles Monday night ethical ones that are used at it the most movies right today. And start it off is to loan from Sacramento platelet Gavin it's more public money to. They went out. I and I hear through my headphones all right with seal meat luck here. This through it's not it's not you it's. We got a guy yeah. Every guy right. There you know I don't think. That would it would it but yeah. All right I'm 45 seconds on the clock to set gates the most movies rights and you end. GAAP and are you ready I am ready Gainey got that I ever edited out. You go 45 seconds on the clock in your time old and he's trying to find it in your times starts now. This means we. Without Aaron and that the Donald. I guess what I'm okay that's that your better. Grade of school. And another word replete. Get it. Up. Yes mom and if you're if you are if you're in charge of the of their my life of my child you're not you're not. But yeah hey. OK that's the superhero. But there's one more than eight and and yes. I'll OK if we all are and a client and. Our. That it's got what was Allen the road trip coach. And I got for that one. At all. They struggle. Every one and I appreciate. The Brit flips. Reporting made it up on all right Todd from Elk Grove good morning. Todd either. AA and I know I you placated owning a tank. Like 88. I'd five seconds that your time starts now. He. Your. Movie about a box. That god that I got that I that that. In Philadelphia. What I'm proud. That I. Wouldn't it'll. Had a lot out here now. They have. Not thinking. They. Our. Kids are you. Out. All. All yeah. While. Wow. All the arts double like that bond and then recover now is great I feel like I'm. We're gonna get some flak that every time we do the movie 42 at what Alex says like you said forty. Were born out there's no way around it 42 is that's the only exception that you know the word absolutely okay. I'm excellent as a summer for Elk Grove good morning. And whiny you're which in turn Kevin this morning okay. Well. I'd 45 seconds on the clock and now. Why. Are we a a lot that. Now they drop the water. Anchored out there and opt. Mitt and I mean. It. I'll eat law. It. Yes the race at that time at Tokyo and trying to. Keep. And now you know let's not panic or I'm. When you're eating not that advocates like you're in an eight. I'm. Not. It's like it. Oh god I'm wrong I don't now. Kerry got or Ian Clark. I admit that. I had had a try yet. I ready for it decides mourning. Mourning you what it means this morning okay you ready. Right now. I'm 45 seconds opened. Up about it outside of this is. Fighter pilots that feel the need to need to speed. Fighter pilot and the need for speed. Okay not. I opposite. Good. Opposite dad. Together and yes I can't get stung by these guys everyone cries. You kids super ya feet there and I. Now know. It's super hero of the giant hammer. Or yes and Ron Ron. Think as Brady. You have to see error. What went back. On that night. Under a great camps aside I well I why. This is a great record that we had ever got four except Cheney came. The big. That's an at. Home and. Bombed Saddam. Is he going and that way and I and that he would ideas that the I don't know why Harry styles though the cover that long ago. You'll know backer in the run round rock road. Tickets to see Harry styles on Monday at the gold ones that are not tuneup congratulations. They so much.