No Name Movie Game 8-11-17

Friday, August 11th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "No Name Movie Game" to give away tickets to see Kendrick Lamar:


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I'm playing no name of the game kitty one of the rules. Only human he is even more and on the money any of the actors or actresses from the movie or characters from the. While. You know where you are. Hesitant at EOK so I look. I'm that's the first time I think that. You can totally messed up my mode Joseph now like yeah. You know how to play this day your eye doesn't play because yourself off. Terrible song I don't wanna torpedo this for someone essentially trying to win Kendrick Lamar tickets Sunday night of the golden one Senator Kennedy at. I've college okay all right thank you and your apologies except I miss Charlotte Don Tim in Carmichael good morning Tim. Good iso lol plus 45 seconds on the clock you have to get to as many movies right as possible. How much is it Kendrick Lamar tickets online Sunday at the golden one senator I you're playing with Gavin are you reading. Here we go timers there you might not be able to hear it in it starts right now this is. Movie monster that has been called king of the lizards. Yup what if the virus. Takes over the world it's cold and but today it is us. Tugged on the opposite end. He got and then if you if you I have thought about lightbulb these smash it. I I tend. I. Colin Powell Powell though never mind how I think this isn't like it's it's good that appearance there com. More than 2647. And this ladies sometimes where. I'll never regretted. Home and for a root programs and simply got a hold of him down and now bringing I'll hurry rainy. Mean. Aren't you had to go shut your mouth all of them do. I didn't need to know the men and the hey Devin. How well does the findings calendars that's it Katie. Well. OK okay you need is always. She's about to start. I Christie's on from Dixon good morning Chris seemed good morning. It's chaos and then I think I you're playing with intern Kevin OK and 45 seconds on the clock Kevin you're adding yes in your time starts now okay this is the biggest. I'm yeah I'm all in the ocean. Whale yes OK and then he had the nickname. I'll know a different way out. He yeah. And then odds and the number after 499. By hundreds and then there's seven blinked in a week. I'd Saturdays and summer. Close yet a 108 at. As this is. And can cut Disney movie. That's why there and I he gets lots and then eats a fist that load loses his her memory. Memory loss trying to. Walked to our did you get that. It's got it yeah yeah I got a glass door that's two time zeal I can't believe that first all you got to Pixar movies what are the odds are that second of all the odds. Yeah yeah yeah yeah exactly report its second of all Gavin. I she's better than she's the reason you won because you're one cool blue was Kim cook Disney yeah I guess I'll answer a at the OK well moving on the have to hide Patricia is on for second and a good morning Patricia. You're playing with Katie this morning okay. What do 52 summit like Katie are you reading yes and golf. The film made the same I did Titanic and their big blue creatures. And at a flat OK it's kind of cool. And the girl and pretty in pink is in on their intention on a Saturday morning. The may not. Okay get okay. And the very sexy movie where I mean she's a virgin any time there but there's a red room. Never come under forty. And it until you get these little dots on your skin what I would. I. How many she got. 33 brain. I mean drummer hopefully use that. And Christie congratulations. Injuring Kevin did deploy and thank you get a pair of tickets to see Kendrick Lamar Sunday night at the golden one senator congratulations. Thank you know I appreciate it intern Kevin. I would like to think Christie for being so good and I'll see Kendrick Lamar tells Iowa anti. And six idea and yeah.