No Name Movie Game 8-17-18

Friday, August 17th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of "No Name Movie Game" to give away a pair of tickets to Charlie Puth: 

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It's time to play any no name movie game Katie what are the rules. Of the spread attack government you keep using the word the data or movie any actor's actor. Characters and them. Began one of the club. And they ended. Now we have tickets to see Charlie comes in Heatley Steinfeld that show was tonight at shoreline and tickets are still available at light nation dot com what did you know by the way though that they are not singing their songs they are only performing scenes from nearly Steinfeld movies. What's your favorite scenes and we have your favorite Heatley Steinfeld movie my favorite scene yeah. My favorite team is off from true grit where she odd goes and and tells Jeff Bridges that she wants the hiring them to avenger fathers that. I can't wait to see Charlie truth. Like Jeff Bridges is part out by now eighty shockingly good believe it or not ought Alex Elk Grove good morning. Good morning your real name your started up this morning you're playing with Katie okay. 045 seconds on the clock you'll be able to get the timer but it's there okay. Katie ready roll your time starts now. Usually eat and get together to talk about a pizza and the literature it's carbon. I. Yeah. I can't get hadn't. Had. Blank got to shape. Yeah no I. I do that but I'm pretty sure this wasn't the first blacks I've superhero. I said the word. And I can't professional. Ballplayer. Yeah. Oh. See you play a sport you're eight. Only. One OK yeah. And do you. It. But that was rookie of the year yeah animals the way. Cancer app and and he and it's believed to be referred to be fair I don't know how the movie Ben got in there but. I don't know who put it in there but that movie know ever heard of it it was straight to video. Now maybe that's apps by. Route hoping that Michelle from back to build the morning. You are team Gavin today and can in. Well and that generated all your time so it's now the number one more than 46. And these are things lady like to where Tom and the Slowey. And yet slot on. I am okay hold on one number. Eight. Short and this is where people get married. It is called eight. Did you know and we are terrible way people very that's ceremony is called they. Old. Man. And that's what people die. Yeah it's does it. And now the whole Christmas time. And TU one now one Elaine from Rockland hi good morning. You are team Kevin this morning and my good man that's me man. We're gonna win we just have to be too. 45 seconds in your time starts now this is what you get when you're really called on your skin. You know like still little the little. One. This is opposite of good. And opposite of fathers. I'll guarantee act opposite of dads. Are yes but not together. I'd guess added that since the giants did a good job they're not attacks Tokyo. Yeah sorry I this is where you plan to go with your friends liked to Colorado or some big drive on it or not. Now now now you go to caller brought out you're like OK let's get in the car. Okay I'm dozens. What was that one round trip. The Colorado and Colorado the road trip. Right okay we're doing terrible that I yeah. Where I needed a flurries and I'm ER Markey from Dixon good morning. Learning it's you and me today you Redding. We said to be three in our times starts now this kid in the eighties does it see you I'd take guys school. Scenes. Pretending to be sick. That's why it's kinda like karate. That's another word for it. And it's time and it's a dry air it's a hair that black or white. Yes and I'm happy about the Holocaust it was this guy is long record of names. Tests. When you're playing sports any don't get to start EUR I got producing key. Well I the opposite of loudness. I got it in the I it's I'm. Right is war so you I believe that floors. We are encouraged by the water and every aisle you're. I'm rusty yeah. Yeah harm that's OK guys for the bat well marquis did a great job today. We got two tickets for tonight's show shoreline forward Charlie who's in Haley Steinfeld tickets still available at Ticketmaster dot com congratulations. 165 B and.