No Name Movie Game 9-14-18

Friday, September 14th

The Wake Up Call play another round of no Name movie game to give away Lindsey sterling tickets: 

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It is time to play the no name movie game Katie what are the rules queen did describe the ten minutes you would keep using the words to tap movie in the actors are. Isn't the movie characters from them. And the time now. That's what. And a little blond thing. On the line tickets for Lindsay sterling she's going to be at the golden one center on November 24 team and Alexis bib from -- it's gonna started off put dust morning Alexis. I your plywood Gavin this morning okay. 45 seconds on the clock the timer will be there but you won't be able to hear it Gavin are you ready. And right 45 seconds in your time starts now is the building are you gamble. Yes one block. Is yeah. I couldn't. Just give way to beat. Not yet these are songs from the and that's why is even when he's. DA and OK Tom. Okay. Why FYI bit quite well and and try to do this to you it's. Yup and then on what at home got I don't know how to do this as an Oscar movie about a gay guy. An and I don't have the word you said and it that's a really hard work bomb. Okay rules passed. I Ayman Al usually words you can't say call me by your name. I couldn't even tonight or Nate what shortly out now. Not a good thing to have an asthma I. Mean. Let's tap that aren't April producer decides that morning. Worrying Kevin this morning guys who are right. 45 seconds and got out of this thing is that bell land. I'm not I can't say that she turns into drag and Disney. Yeah that's what I admit that you you do it as a policy job what I date they Wear a skirt and yeah. They call you play. Blatantly hear you. I'm not god. Feed now on the Justice League only steam on the death easily doable yeah. This is a movie set in Sacramento. Lady bird yeah. Oh my goodness you got here this they add that water. Yet. And run your so good I've. You live in a lot of movie and I love April. Hi Andrea from a good morning. Good morning you plan to meet this morning okay. 45 seconds and we start now. I wanted to do in news on TV I'm trapped in a glass days of emotion. Milk was a bad choice. And cruel people that did the news with him. Our. A bunch of a bunch of people the caught habit together. In the biggest city in the country. Yet again. Now I don't do I excellent. To get the highest gray sweater and school day. And it's the opposite of hard. Boy oh boy. Now Danny is a New York he and then anchorman. And I'll hot to. Did not do not I brought a lot and I well I hear Microsoft. Continue his role is on fire I mean they worked to its EU has to be better while I'm getting better. Cynthia from Rockland morning and minding your playing Acadia this morning okay. 45 seconds and now hit first. Elementary. And tell you. Or. What I did. Well that and ballplayer. That happened. It's already. Not worked pretty. And eat he it's. I. Yeah. So I. That being tied for that on Larry neurotic friends. April congratulations. Today. Absolutely we got you paired tickets to see Lindsay sterling she's gonna beat the golden ones that are November 24 unit of French have a great time okay thinks listening. And yeah.