No Name Movie Game 9-22-17

Friday, September 22nd

The Wake Up Call play another round of the "No Name Movie Game" for tickets to see Jason Aldean...


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They know my name. Kind of. The began. One does this month and the end I gotta be honest I could hear the songs I don't know if we hit I needed a fantastic job I now and it fell right. It felt they didn't feel right I JD is sick today it's a wake up call or broadcasting live from cal expo all morning long for the united Bay's Dave hearing and get tickets up for grabs. It's Eugene sit Al Deen effort to any of that Peter on September 29. Let's see what you what's so without Britney from Sacramento Hyatt pretty good morning and I mean you're starting to get out of this morning apparently Opel board. I got to ask how much do you like j.s that'll be give me the motivation here with a six. Are we not heard me. She plainly as America all of it's like to be honest. I mean will give our best shocked the and are like 45 seconds on the clock Britney might not be able to get the timer but it stared Gavin. They are ready going to be at the time ago that. And got. This is the Disney. Where there are. Not 12345. But one more than that. No I haven't I don't know about the number of between five to seven. Yes why this why is this is the kind of cubes you put drinks. I and if I am six years old that is why. That is that's what I called. You. Know but look that's that's that's how I am what I wanted to one word answer for what that is. Well. Gosh I mean I've got us on that one this. I'm monster that has that's wrapped in my toilet paper. And then yes. I killed timely accurate and it's ivory that attitude if eve you if you can have punted instead we can hear it. I'm sure there's no presents a minute al-Qaeda got you got sales apparently all of a look at age. And each ice age. OUNAM. Alrighty let's join now at all right so why she girl is playing out with the intern Kevin this morning from Moore tell to morning Sharyl. Good morning all right I Sharon Howell how about you like Jason I'll be an idea and they get your energy. I learned confident that. Oh all of it let's go I love. I don't I don't I don't I don't they that I've seen the in the know that's a I know how sausage is being Jimmy Dean did he needs and dean. Is the dead actor for. Arthel I'd like 45 seconds for the guy as compelling as the sausage hockey is relegated to the mini movie all right at 45 seconds of the. O'clock your time starts now coming out dissidents like OK a little luck they are we get asked if dot. We got a car. Don't want it why. OK this is opposite of him. Heard just to rule that's OK okay so apparently you can have as many of these as you want but would get married you figure top girls. Guide may. Yeah they. This there's a lot of speed wired nurtured allergic to that state girl on the ground. Minutes yes OK and then now. Put it together. Liked the movie tie your job might cut this. This is that says this is. It is. Time after that would head up partly said the gap it's a lot OK all right. I am we you would of beat me if we could come up with age. Oh that's right. All right so this is not a rare occasion I am going to participated in the name of the game and the reason I haven't up until this point is because I am terrible. And they're playing with through this morning from Sacramento the morning until. Good morning. So what they've been doing is I've been practicing alliance to Graham at rain wake up call YNE lake apartment to get audience to Graham live it's adorable I've been told I'm getting better but two we're gonna see what we can do okay. I'd gotten back there a line here real 45 seconds of the clock and it starts. Now. You're not an adult that your age. I. Another name. It. Get to go like younger. Did I don't act now. Not to go right out at Sevilla did that name for all of all at that died NASA it I still the opposite of being able to seat. Light and it's not if it's immediately next he would. Have let it that's why why give. Filing your magic you have. You let it be you aren't close call. I got them back to the first word. Other than victory IR yeah what they yeah I'll take that I'll take that I'm so proud all right well looks like I intern Kevin pulls out a victory Cheryl from Montreal you're gonna see Jason out being a share your peace process. Is coming up that's like says that she thought speaks for all. Shell congratulations Jason LB September 29 at the wedding and Peter you're gonna go congratulations. At wake up call broadcast live from cal expo all morning long to the united way is day of caring. And I think by the end.