No Red Head Emoji

Tuesday, November 7th

Katie shares the new emojis with the Wake Up Call, but is furious that there is still no redhead emoji


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The end feels like there's an Iowa said David comes out every. It's like four hours now for your iPhone bull with the new up deep came a bunch of new mom jeez. I still what are some of the technology updates. Are deemed mode genes that didn't. Get nonetheless yet. Particular. There is no Red Hat. You can be blonde Brit Nat they have all the different races for at least probably could have more races but they ain't got several. They've got a great car. There are no real. Eight there's no already had six. I do have to admit that at this point as I said this the last time this happened but at this point it does seem intentional. Ydstie mega Gandhi like whoever the guy is who makes they've mowed geez hey summer redheaded woman scorned I am Anwar. Pieces like. Over my dead body hey what beating the guy's name is Simon so what they had a big meeting where they come together and the like our guys it's very yearly meeting. For your suggestions. For new almost jeez and they go around the room what are some of the emerging suggestions you think they have the plowed through during this meeting 00 you mean just generally. Idea. I'm sure some days like great white shark jump out the water had slowed it I it. Murray that is driving email and where they try to yeah. I how about a redheaded woman had absolutely not the timing is about plasma. We just don't know it at the of their radios she officially leaves and probably go isn't there. Also break and then whoever said that by the way you obviously the new guy and they go hey. Let me just some outside right we don't bring up Brad had the women around him great. Because of the big checks I could have. And you have but they don't have already had given these things. Not be coming up way more often. The little things you push for those sort of like the broke into the break until the finger at EU will shoot the Burton like. Like I'll hook and wolf thank. Followed the storm and see that your opponent push that with a broom you can't thank you push big thing throws that you should watch what generally. Almost nobody else knows how it works either or what the hell this thing has cut. I got a certain 66%. Of the people in this room know how curling words and what are the areas as small focused. They have a more Chinese food. Wolf and not for that. I cannot lightly gives you some recent strength. And he's. It doesn't rain they have lots and lots of Chinese food a mode he's already made and it's needed they have a many different kind didn't rock climbers. Who had. Zombies okay that's kind of finally. Well they haven't done what looks like Lego Liz from lord of their worries about how apple Lennon's blonde blonde error. The stigma does there are dead people motif and let's put AME IOS update but more Red Hat. Dan Haren also all we heard that look like they are from Lord of the Rings all. That Gergen what's gotten Lord of the Rings garden now you're right. Name guy Gandolfo has no. They have mermaid the not gonna hit on that they've got guys the beards. Limiting it in and he job what I think was probably on the verge and I can see that list the ball and and I. All like the monopoly guy. Oh that's cool I mean I do have to say that the rich have been left off for too long. It. The circumstance of text messaging would you use the guy with the monocle and no G. Thank you rainy in the what kind of text messages are you gonna do the leg a lesser health. Third genius. I do want to say that it's fun to make fun of you Katie you're really is but in this case I am I do have your back. It is ridiculous at this point they don't have a red headed. Person they have many redheaded men but there are no Red Hat so maybe you should contact Ed she -- and the two of you and big write a song about it OK and they bracelets right to do something. But that's just going on this show and bitch into the two people listening that's not gonna help yeah. Hello I wanna look in the engineer at. Always natural. Don't think that's how about this there's a red can of tomato soup how about until then that is the red head all day I'll. Do you live yeah. Aides are. On our part I. Well in your case the one you'd use the most would be crying yeah you can't do that and that is what I got a wake up.