Not The Dodgers Win World Series

Thursday, November 2nd

The Wake Up Call talk about the world series:


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65 the end traded over here because of our Sanchez success. As a ground ball right. It's. Time in franchise history. Last night was game seven of the World Series to them lightly or. I think that's that's dot. Any guys that die hards and this is a giants fan that was probably the greatest moment that. The giants have had all season is why you may Dodgers lose game seven. I have to send our condolences text to a friend of mine. Because either they get. Dodgers fan and he's like so sweet he's just such a sweet person. He was so excited that they were in the world theory is there. Four and an ice cube. All but can I ask maybe I'm naive questions are as either Californian or a baseball now baseball fan okay. Why the Dodgers why the beef between giants and Dodgers why not beat between giants and aids or any the other teams so. The giants and Dodgers both used to be in New York. Way back in the day Brooklyn Dodgers New York Giants OK so the bees started way back then the giants moved to California first and then the Dodgers came later guys said the beef continued. All so it was like I mean this starts way back in like that did them early part of the century. Was their beef when that the giants moved the giants moved first yes they do they're Francisco yeah. While so was there before and it was the San Francisco Giants and the New York Dodgers. Or they were just like you know I think so it's 1910. And I don't even remember yeah. And the other side of the country we bring you still on every leg got a minute do you think it's time to let that go now. Yeah Illini. And must org speed it's like big gain in the parents are we not poll takers and the kings things created I don't know what the like. Origin of the giants and the Dodgers like who's tired at first it. But the LA Cruz. They are coach came up there's like not just at cape kidnappers occur mentioned right it was like. That's LB starts to. I gotta start somewhere obviously whoever the coach was of the time not know what the Dodgers giants beat started because. I and Debra Johnson and the crib Paul Wesley Joseph that's. I. Seem to well like Lauren stuck than the other one's shoe spats and otherwise and got all. I. And try to get that Gladys. Alone go home and there's still there's been so much trash talk between then and now. By everybody we. Yeah is all that well right I listen I may want. To make America great again I know you doubt it's not it's not. You know IE don't do it continuing beefs. Well. I mean it's kind of I don't think it's time. He's did you guys notice I'm wearing my baseball dared to get a look at that right here wearing a Boston Red Sox World Series champions from Tony thirteen hoodie and got the good while an underneath that is an Atlanta Braves. And all the old school throwback Jersey had bad we got when we went to a letter earlier right there. Right so two teams that were. Not even close to being in the playoff baseball baseball right well I am sure it was an accident why you more than it is very intentional. That makes it seem worse the for some reason Layla and I'll admit I am not a baseball fan is obvious problem. But you're wearing baseball geared today it's not on because we're celebrating baseball. A funny thing I have a budget baseball hat. Blank. Out I have braves had I would just could be on that right. I have impossible I lost I snapped at 2% but would be ironic 'cause the first national mass in his B that's really the only reason I Wear them right. And it's funny to have people like try to talk trash to me about like their Red Sox might. It doesn't happen not evil guy grip. And should you not love black dynamite. That's okay. Really excellent dollars and you really see well I guess it's better fitted to take when that is still really really hot items law. OK Chris you question them okay what would be worse. You love this beard you love this beard AAF what would be worse to shave that beard off. Or have a picture taken a view in all Dodgers. The whole Wal-Mart. Time. The first pick it up and they knew what makes them. I don't. I don't think I'm an answer that question that's a very hard question that really I mean that IC of future bet where you have two or Dodgers or for a day. Would you ever even enter into a bat like that there's too much at stake I think there's diligence yeah. That's not. Would your father even talk deal. Hockey now Carlyle. Now for a long time while just my gambit like all of my giants friends sure. You have those bread butter diet I received. Irons. The threat and crush your bulge to make it and they had a and I think.