OCD Xmas

Tuesday, November 28th

The Wake Up Call judge Katie's Christmas decorations in the studio. 


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The idea. And rainy it's the way kept. No it's not even Thanksgiving our. None none team will. Mind you we are in the Christmas spirit and JD has done an amazing job decorating the 1065 studio you rain no. And she hasn't festive Christmas appearance. And I mean. We little early this year because usually we take some time off around Christmas oh really be able to enjoy the Christmas student now get the full effect right now. And a spring in them. And decorations of other religions. Are good and our own little guy and well everything was going great. Until someone in the room got a little upset. You know why it's called K. Both friend not respecting it because it's a medical condition. It is and shoot. Let me just tell you what happened. She made I'll go land low Sheen. On that. The window in the studio. And the little this. Aren't nods. On this name this guy is right yeah. The good the bad and I'm glad I. Shallow looking at this wall. Am not you would kill wedge how those atrocious looped behind GO I'm not gonna look at it until you do something about it because. I don't allow all I have always see. But when I do what I did it flares up big time pat and I do and lobes aren't driving me apple wine. You know Gavin. We are looking at a back right now yet because he will look at bats and so it is steaming correctly what you want and is further aired Symbian. Number of loops with Ed Garland. All handed you want. All loops to be the same thigh it's more that I want to loops to be the same size. Ax next acts and eight asked. Does 73389. Please I'm begging you right now to 73389. Acts and pay us. So the you can see what she's done. And then you tell me whether or not you could sit or room that's something so irritating. I I don't have anything go ahead I want to just gonna say is there a reason why there aren't even should we make them even know relatively. I'm extremely happy this strategy behind their strategy because as any designer will tell you one. Oh my god you lose you don't wanna go Libby. And numbers and you don't want perfectly symmetrical all because in two and you need a little bit of flair in the first of all you're not a designer and. Yeah I. Ball. Oh no you're not because I know enough that you don't want to do something that the decoration it's gonna give someone a migraine a maker which went to. Happening and I eat it here's why you're government messages I'm went yeah and take them down and read duke gum I'm not. On a deal left yeah. Again would you be upset if you've put a guy like four strings of lights together. In one a bomb was flashing in the rest were solid volley and you rip the whole thing out. Here. You're absolutely revolting down. Not alone and in it's a medical condition. It's not a die knows quite a little odd diagnosed by many doctors any many doctor I Santa Claus. I'm not down to grow out of things he. Look at me now look they Melbourne cup the blue behind your head and this is a growth opportunity for you know. To prove to you yourself then you can purse survey or do you know why you're the strongest clone and now. In Texas it came in you have the right to work and environment free of hostility yes I do. You very much you. How this hostile towards you. You. Hostile towards me now does that I'd of the Decker race and you served big there. Another text question. Was getting some assistance requested in the decorating. Did he declined to help. My eyes I know what mice is Google's request in the decorated and didn't he got all stopped and decorator wasn't all pissed off that seems dramatic it was a question about why are we doing this that seems dramatic and my dad and that this in the tags. And rob lobbied bagged like an odd liar no I'm not American like somebody with all states. You look at and. I got those after Luke.