Old School Smackdown 1-18-18

Thursday, January 18th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Old School Smackdown" for tickets to Katy Perry: 


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The wakeup call. All skull smashed down time this is what we find out who is the ruler of the old school universe our first one of 2018. Could ever forget this last week now now now now that. We were I was at a town exam that funeral that's right so yes sell our kick it off on the very first old school smackdown of the new year. And up programs we have tickets deceit Katy Perry. At the golden one setter on her witnessed tour January 31. In he connected to get information and tan gold and one senator. Martell I see it right. Martell from Sacramento good morning playing with Katie. Now I nanny and and Michelle from Sacramento good morning. And more you're playing with Gavin this morning okay miss our count that's fun. I will play clips from old school songs Gavin and Katie do you think you know the answer yelling your name if neither but no the answer mark callon Michel will give you an opportunity to chime in only got to use yelling your name OK I feel Bay Area practice getting ready go ever heard from yet I'm a 100% writing credit all right out. We yellow first one old school smackdown on the wake up call. Gavin. It's Jay-Z. All boy oh boy too early and kept the after shoulders. Here are Smart can justly. No good. I mean I had a teeny. GC Rihanna Humber. Like there John come on both of them are surely. On the practice. You could easily jumping jacks to redo this. Our old school smackdown on the wake up call so we tilt. Down. Inside dowdy six. Do you know that this is kind of his specialty. I have never I don't think it's gotten back I don't know who is Kylie. He sticks where those guys now good night and but given guitar lessons somewhere and get out the door and steps I'm glad you're confident that your team since history could deck. Matta got resolved even skip music. All right once again and roll tide up 11 old school smackdown of the like a call. TNT. No it assignment. Gavin. More time Daft Punk as a matter that's iPad. Are givens in the lead two to one. Heating period tickets on the line old school smackdown lake and cohesion Exxon. OK okay. Boy oh boy meets. He. Katie. Experience Jonas Brothers and well not all low down and move. The Gruber the guy. They tell me you know I'm playing I know the answer I don't I've no idea he go to war yes I can I can't even think our good enough for you present drum. Mom. Are well I tell you ask don't had. Done it burning. Then. That's on. Of the alone. Saw it again about. That thought is really gets on. I would see a retired we are tied I did zoo loses this game and actually wins. I mean you're how old school smacked him on the wake up call is dishonor were 50. Com. She. Yeah. And it. OK can. I don't other David's son T pay an eight cotton I need to name of the song and what did the Latin and. I hear a little bit more. It's my and in amending those owned. How does thinking and doing them. I mean. I'll. Has spent in this that. And I waiting on yeah yeah I am but I'm. George I I I am president I got out and eat and yet of the guests I. And burn an up market mark I had. Our Martell what do you wanna yes. Under. Are now aren't marked no really good at yeah see. Yeah I'm mark Joseph congratulations. Go in the victory today to get you heard ticket secede Katy Perry the witness tore at the golden one senator on January 31 congratulations. I.