Old School Smackdown 10-12-17

Thursday, October 12th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of Old School Smackdown for Sinners and Saints Tickets:


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The wake up call. As such for the old school sent down in the it's on the line to the sinners and saints Halloween party at thunder valley casino resort hosted by the wake up call from. Suburban buffalo Halloween costumes yeah no no all right good I'm not the only one night they usually wins the last minute itself. I got so if you are able to BD ruler of the old school universe today will give the parity it's that. I'm Michelle is gonna be playing with Gavin this morning good morning Michelle. Mining and. On our rain and morning and then we'll scene. Is she got. Did all right she's. She loved and that I asked to because and she'll run. He lot. And Michelle aren't. The place multiple songs. First one is get free credit twins because I think. Yeah yeah I. Yeah right I totally ready arguing a person on old school smackdown on the wake up call. Seven alone. Over and over again Tim McGraw Nellie change hands. While surgeries on incentives and I'm heard our own because it's settling Tim McGraw I was on a cellphone has. If people yeah it was. When the attention I don't know it's just been so weird. Sound so confident. Like he tell us our Elaine. Yet since I don't know where this song was mainly in I'm gone so this I don't. I says first on first down here real old school smackdown on the income coughed. Oh general. DeVon. Devin okay thank you know if Furtado. And fly like a bird. Agreed to. I get when you got. Murray and and designs came out right when he's tired right now the play before that odds he doesn't. I hear ya next one. Also smackdown on the way to call it the. This is this Jimmy and an Al like never did I thought I. Are they right now CD. Sean roll I don't now and I diary now you can play the entire yeah and I will tell you now know. Homicide Patrick Denny doesn't do any different. This spring and daddy what's he doing now. Time the father of tricks. Apparently I I hear you know got Delano old school smackdown on the wake up call here's an excellent news. I will spend. Now. He don't tended to act. While loud last them a ball. A. Met him Blackwell from their. And our executive I. Or. Well you let him have it and now he's an Allen wore the green and I know he is best for you out that was your. I ran out of things that I get a couple of but I did similar. Do we play for our flavor but these but a bike let's can gradually as Michelle Michelle's a letter Michelle congratulations. To heal and yes. It considers you think the party. You better get. Costumed. I. At those people who go to that by the way they take it seriously. Begala mark yeah this'll be my first year you love okay comes at a lot. I let's said these are just for fun old school smackdown on the way to call. It's. Only. I know it and I always love when people text in like I can't believe it. So it's a you know the sunny day today and 73 and on yeah. Really he nearly Torres who. So why is it's The Backstreet Boys as French news. That he knew in my hand is this is one person say yeah pads and it now known. I again. I go more. You're reading this one could be the hardest one. Yeah. Yeah oh yeah. And that's in the history. The little boy. Don't mention any eggs. Gavin done on this nineteenth. If you look sexy and like all day everyone's everyone's lips listing in their cardinals this on. Another and of course. Don't yet know the song. This is Robin. Show me love. The big song 9107 and Ambac now. Now mind I would just for fun I Imus should listen I was citizens and I don't terrible lives and I thought the way.