Old School Smackdown 11-2-17

Thursday, November 2nd

The Wake Up Call plays another round of Old School Smackdown for Demi Lovato tickets:


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Wake up call. Like Katie wanted to seize on the before we put the intro and olds whose idea what do you want to say gaming I would go could easily have the rent and feed the hungry which owns. Another bath and a bed. Very shortly after the starting line there is a while not as open very early in the morning I'll awesome bloody Mary is. Let's let sorry I was just trying to help people Katie is. When she doesn't it's run to feed the thirsty well fully downloaded airing of trying to keep the thirsty but yeah yes are we but old school smackdown on the line we have tickets to see Demi Lovato DJ Khaled February 28 at the SEP senator cinemas eight. Those tickets go on till tomorrow. At Ticketmaster dot com you can get them today galleries on from Sacramento the morning ballerina. A loophole is ready to go the scene this year at Davies. I'm Brooke I Kelly from Citrus Heights good morning. Arnie you I would Gavin this morning okay. Are we gonna play clips of old school songs Kevin and Katie you think you know the song is a shadow your name. If Gavin and Katie do not know the song Kelly and Valerie will go to you if you think you notion that your name it I gotta get so both points when. You guys setting yes or merely old school smackdown saw him on the wake up call. The island. Am kidding. Hole. Anything I. Mac medics say now. Gavin Gavin. They Vicente. Candy shop. It is the first. You know buying it rocks on the Gammon died at a geeks ever in the history multiple smackdown I mean I'm really impressed. No one asks them sent up. I'm very impressed. The hill. Our old school smackdown killer trying Gavin who. Old's girl's rectum a wake up call here again next sunk. Gavin the clowns try to get in on the buzzer. That's gotten. Okay now. All the. Things don't. Didn't eat. No I don't I was just OUs enjoy the sun Backstreet Boys. In a ring in the name or. Earns Cheney don't. Backstreet boy days. Oop hold on. In all cherish you know. I do share issue would tear issue you know I eighty degrees. It. I was ready to hit the buzzer on LN yeah. Did pretty clincher when so a lot of words Casey did but at the end they finally all made sent us right. Which Evans about 40% of the time. I I old school smackdown on the wake up call by the way you're listening or playing along with your car on you can text in New York guesses and 73389. Exxon. And I. Conde. And yeah. Yeah I mean. Jesse McCartney. Move on in my life. Idiom nothing wrong. Okay. The unknown gunmen and this game. I'm okay now. Bring your idea Katie Jim Jesse McCartney. And leave it. Yeah. Yeah yeah oh yeah. Jeff Gordon team per born dad I don't jingle collar and had an important. Game. One of the times. He was wearing the tie disappearance had ever seen him and then. It was happening now Mara was out Raed Arafat. If you connect jingle ball and defense Texas it'd 73389. Really is a huge and leather pants there's no place Monday. And I don't even know did he onstage and it only look at that. I don't which you talk about how K I can't be too Gavin while an old school smackdown next on. I re not every. Strong start Yemen moral strung out of the gate it's. Been you really kind of fell apart. I got this one DNA and I don't know you're LA and it is against. And she never got Jessie Carney by example of that is pretty good knees and your name in the than just make me a lot ever used today that's. Tell me what I know grew. Extremely thin doesn't hurt because you don't like me whenever you do. Art gallery congratulations to get you to get Demi Lovato DJ Khaled essay consider in San Jose wedding out. It's what's next on the wake up call.