Old School Smackdown 11-9-17

Thursday, November 9th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of Old School Smackdown for tickets to the Best of Sacramento party: 


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The wake up call. Goal smacked down time this is where we play old school clips. Dreamed Gavin engages the most right you win a pair of tickets to Sacramento magazine's best of Sacramento party. Phelps benefits the make A wish foundation on next Saturday night November 18. At the Sacramento convention center where the wake up call is nominated that. Herb best morning show. We don't know how that happened but dominated us thank you very much my suspicion is. Almost every morning struck a confident it rice. Sense that we would be on that list because we are in mourning each got a share of bio of the legal definition. I Danielle was not from citrus hi good morning Danielle are. Marketing and britney's on from Marysville good morning. Main Danielle you're playing with Katie Britney you're playing with Gavin. I'll throw out some old. Songs Gavin and Katie I'd chime in with your name if neither one of these guys get the answer will W Daniel are you Brady and you guys and yell out your name to ring in okay. All right you guys reading yeah. The first so on all schools smackdown on the lake of golf. Gavin was. John roll. And guru. I'm of the news on ncube Diana aren't. Licking you. Okay. It's scholar. Know every little thing him. Didn't know shot and Cisco every little bit me you did I didn't tell her brainy and. She did teller ready on time and. I'm Daniela. It is our real little bit weary hero in this country. Need. To do. Britney you Steele. Had it not all beaming and proud. Joba rules mean you between mean. So who got the point I said yeah our rule I had no points I think oh god no he didn't give them full complete tunnel. That's me. No no I think that's now no points. Sorry. And I knew that you need an amendment didn't know the artist you'd Zabel that's got to complete the answer true. OK I know. Old school smackdown public go here we go southern tip. Nadine. Ashlee Simpson and none. If feel like. I don't like. There isn't fun. Really good. OK okay. Go out now. So yesterday. Ashlee Simpson. That. Usually Sims hadn't. Great for any Danielle do you and it's time and he noted. Any god. He gestured. My girl yeah. Good job us. Six. Ashlee Simpson got hot lips sink in until one doesn't know the pieces soon mean he's because she sent him. If it stands I that there isn't another significant wild girl smackdown I'll wake up call. And Gavin. Leo. Gangsters parent. And by the way barely texting and says rules did change his game one latter just them. I let my two million. He write it might even personally got closer so I guess Michael like I buzz then I'd say the artist's name I'm if I don't get the song. Contestants can't but if nobody gets that whoever got close is get the point I know what I know what I have two point telling meanwhile mortal way. And say that he while I'm the one thing I think Iraq. You can't cut my losses you've spent all this thing and I got to. Point 802 points I here's an excellent old school smackdown on the wake up call. DeVon. Is that ice Eiffel 65. That your final answer and blue. It is just an. And it should he go. And Len loves the fun. I'm Mara play in this game. Get better when they start singing I don't know it's kind of an. Don't know who gets to compete bundling and then. Yeah. Think I. Up and that man. Yeah. I'd I'd Danielle a guide yeah. Emmett Alice DJ bitter apple. Okay nice shot did by nearly a slide old school smackdown. Be happy. I don't know all right. I can't be here more if. But. Home for. I'm pretty much heads. The suit up on. Don't you go. Okay let me see. I got nothing. Now no I called you clay. Happy has never bend light euphemism for any part of the body can yell or Britney wanna Sammy and. Anybody ready. Let me add need to eat or else. That's in its third. You don't like Yahoo! yeah. The floor yeah. And our congratulations up Britney gets compared to give since it can't be a second and a magazine best to Sacramento party. With the way the call will be there as he got to do some plans to hide I assume the Miami drink. At some Laffy taffy November 18 at the Sacramento convention center congratulations. Wait yeah.