Old School Smackdown 12-7-17

Thursday, December 7th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Old School Smackdown" to give away tickets to WWE:


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Wake up call. Knowing. Skulls smack down did you find out who ruled the old school universe up for grabs when have second road tickets. WW we live road to wrestle mania it is February 10 at the golden one setter. Having Katie fighting heard the old school trophy that is awesome this and more keen from north highlands playing with Katie this morning to morning we're keen. Barter. MR name that please say like Kevin that Kevin's elders they wouldn't. It's sell what it won't wind intern Kevin screens are phone calls I basket case sometimes if it's a difficult name to renounce or if dispelling this weird writing about fanatically. So honor screener program he wrote. Blocked keen. Like guacamole. Yeah. And she is founded. And CNN is big and he's found. There right we we we got to him I say destined religious right now fourteen to the normal way that you would righted outsell you're playing with leg Katie today and Megan from Sacramento you're playing with Gavin this morning okay. And I Pena. All right so like Gavin and Katie shouting your name if you think you know the song and it isn't. We have this on her right side color if they don't know the song mega looking will come do you use shed your name if you think you know to okay. All right got that black key. Yeah I felt old school smackdown on the wakeup call your son number one it's. Yeah. JD. Levy happy. It. RET. Here comes. Again I don't know. One of the worst. Every player you and Maria. You joined the screamed more on you so mean nothing. Dead men cyclone. It was dumb group I got the title that I know I got the title you do get the title. Cellular. Cyclone by needy Nash he das yeah featuring T pain in the yeah. And I was so mad at myself there's something signs that T pain every week we got to include lol easy payment due. Okay. June. I hear. You're forgetting all the very end Syria's nuances in the earlier factory that's Sheryl I die gallons got one done young son number two all school smackdown on the wake up call. I mean. All competitors is reminiscent yeah seemed to. Cleanly hang in there. The shift coming now to put up. You can. They need. Maybe you know around the Latin. I had no idea Gavin promises promises. May get George senior in China and I haven't caught in the wrong no now nobody all right that was three LW mark Dell more medium and you race. Yeah. T. That's right all right so I get is still up one to nothing here we old school smackdown in the wake up call. I'll get a lot use guns in this time. AD data and that's killing members under the bridge and. What sucks is you've got the group bright and all of the night and now I don't. Usually every. It's scar tissue. I actually Deborah. You them so much. Credit clean can live a plea of their granddaughter look please. And Allied's I've never really heard one of their songs that I've really liked to. All sounds a little bit the same thing it's funny because so many other suns sounds so different about them that. Anything like given away well other than that don't have anything like stuck my guess you know there's clothes socks patent. All k's than all the songs that sound slow all found flow is on this. I think you've had a history in the Red Hot Chili Peppers can only reach into many. And I. Let's. Why aren't IE and finally wow hey they all sound good. And Exxon it's a different I did it in my Gavin that tune up an old school smackdown. Cheney whom. Britney Spears. You really need and where this song. My peers because I felt like he was gonna Boston's first. And I'm proud of those problems. I do can't I can't see. Only. It. I never thought. And leads and you come. You know yes. Gavin I wanna believe Britney here. Yeah the bear britney's. Here's uncalled Antioch College team or may give you an easy yes. I know her. Place in the desert now that's and until I don't. Seles sometimes. Yeah. She's sitting on billboard's really this is the one in a bathtub and I think. OK now I need you both could be true for any son drank that doesn't sound like they shot the video while in erupting her thoughts. I don't mean though that Britney Spears 36 now and but they were classic that makes me hate myself now Barry more than I didn't Fuller. Gavin still wanna wait Katie you have none here we go. That is pretty errors are we ADB's here's a catch he. I mean how I'm Nigeria next month old school smacked him on the Lincoln called Bryant about data. And our. Gavin. Young boys Landon. Right about now. Yeah little brother any. Our phones so well plus check it out now. Funk so well below. He read about it out funk soul brother. Czech cheque instead of and what it says the and. The team are making good time in. Member. I I gotta give it again. That's not bad boy slim the rockefellers. And they get out a couple of quick look like the original chain smoker. I really think. Did they have a son of them and what's the Muslim guy and like. Like the way before DJ came right. The other like the name of anybody or group is impossible to tell if this is a group of six months. This is like what was that 992000. Yeah. Good morning TJ's were like he's not he. Really really are. I tagged Gavin was close enough that means I'm making near the winner congratulations. All your welcome second road tickets to WWE library to wrestle mania February 10 at the golden one setter way to go.