Old School Smackdown 2-13-18

Tuesday, February 13th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Old School Smackdown" to give away tickets to see Kesha & Macklemore: 


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The wake up call. Skulls smack down time up for grabs pair of tickets to see cash and McLemore Thursday night June 14 at short line. And it's easy to play we'll play clips of us some old school songs in Gavin Keating if you think you know what they are Janet your name. We need title and artist get a point or closest to and if I need to be guys can answer. We'll go to our contestants keen in Kathy is playing from Elk Grove good morning Cathy. Lol you're playing with Gavin this morning okay. Already and I Jessica for more until the morning. Arnie ever. And you're playing with Katie this morning a guy. This guy. If I data and Katie don't know the answer to the old school song will be do you guys these guys have did you shatter your name okay. Data and Katie reading he's all right here we go old school smacked down time on the wake up call your son number one. And me. Oh. Crash I. Big pot. And it's. Our B a player. Big time. Are still not a player I'd be ponds the affected. As she was closer. As it plays at crucial line. It was even close of the diet what. Don't wanna be a player I would. Still not a plan. I got the word gotta were okay yeah you're closer like an losing stretch yeah guys are hitting a single word in the yeah. Real like it did we got law Florida and that I don't listen file a grievance okay. I know I can't you don't rigor that I tag and got the lead went up an old school smackdown on the wake up call yours an excellent. Gavin. Rocks public way. Did you at a time and I'm not kidding you wanna bring in buzzing. What a stupid question already wondering. Well I don't I I meant before is not the next night. Re busy filling your grievance when. Are still talking OK. Okay. On you and file agreements during now. She and it. Got him got a pick. Already. Have been waiting by a live tonight on trial while while you're trying to divert everyone's attention from the fact that I am on game point already yeah. I am sitting here right here spread your best friend of their helped you get on game buoyed by massaging the rules so what did you. Old. Man. Keep Katie stop being such a sore loser I. And. I and adding that the I couldn't say all right he's very I never saw an old schools academically give golf. I. TD. Tim Jackson's offering. I would I would need to yeah. When there is that when there that her dad to its universal sign for burn it may end it is. Hudson I'm so excited you on the board. Well. You've got to invade you or ask you fly. Your car I mean I'm gonna gear car. Rape rate. It really opened at Texas coming in KDL have you EU was off. Who is sending these facts I'm Albert doesn't shall fight all of her. Oh I know we got an excellent old school smackdown on the wake up call Gavin to Katie one. It. I think. And then yeah. And roll music may lose control. David plays goalie is controlled and so technically sadness and handed goal. Remember this song. That's on. It's right to the West Coast the Sunnis that he's away he's just yet he admits is but. And we didn't talk about having my back. Ask don't tell him I'm happy Dunkin' Donuts and bring a little. Scoop on. Sykora can I preclinical and now I oh. Yeah I don't know what it and and the worries curry. I was there is curious if I were all tied up to do match point against adding yes here we go old school smackdown on the wake up call. Well armed Gavin. Sheryl Crow. And so does. I get you. And you know. It's sort of the windows. You yeah and open the top spot every. Assault and I just wanna drive and drive off the cliff and I wish you good to bad and I cannot be our congratulations get a major winner today we got July paired tickets he cash and Maclin more. Thursday night June 14 that shoreline wedding well it. Sixty end zone. Highly on and you see and know what it is to work with these two are. Tonight there. Is. You don't like it like. It's like trident class to break through glass ceiling and I didn't know of the great analogy could be pressured the night. He's our you know you don't often see someone lose the competition and then give a victory. It got to like to say to wrap this. Is. Your of that. Okay did you after leaving no. Pass oh yeah allow us setting median. Wake up call.