Old School Smackdown 2-20-18

Tuesday, February 20th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of "Old School Smackdown" to give away tickets to see Kidz Bop Live or Capital Beer Fest: 


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The wake up call. All schools smackdown this is where we. Test to see movie role. Of the old school universe and we about where picks tickets today we have a pair of tickets to kids bop live July 16 at Papa Murphy's park. Plus a pair tickets to get into the California state fair on 9 July 16 or. You can be compared VIP tickets to the 2018 capital beer fest on March 3 capitol mall got to be over 21 to win knows we're and they're very different. Very different. Bob erotica from Eldorado hills good morning. Veronica you're blaming Kate this morning good. Error. And every step up from Sacramento good morning. And Lauren you're playing a Gavin this morning and thank you undoubtedly not. But it's a pretty. I got re sad bar reads are. I'll resell all right that's that's definitely not how intern Kevin says it won so you don't get everybody always gets released on Mac every time this. I rules are simple yet some old school songs will play clips of him Gavin and Katie. Then number on again in. Restart or reset but are Reese there's T in there that's right keep in. Greece. I deny you guys are shouting your name and if you get a rate due to the points and ten. All right and dedicate you guys getting ready all right here we go old school smackdown on the wake up call. He. Black Eyed Peas my month. I think gran. Gavin. Black Eyed Peas don't funk with my the think my mom starts very similar I don't think dot M noon thinks I. If you get it does is appropriate based off of irony given any alone this is what ever better pieces of arts. Don't funk with mine and get well again elkington. I gavel of the points when he again and thank you. I knew we go I dedicate that apple the app. It would seem to Lynette sweet who. Sort of like Black Eyed Peas I was the little looks like elegant alien. Who I think cell. Was the guy's name dot com now. Need to deal that was answering a funny name you. I here's an excellent old school smackdown on the lake golf. This is instantly as. Brittany spears like he. We should above them. If. This was the song about Britney Spears singing about Britney Spears. You know I feel like hail are cool they already got off. And she had such a pretty voice. Plus. A wind and rain. Sarcasm thing. I heard of that viral tied up 11. Old school smackdown on the wake up call an excellent. TV. Oh my god you're such a student at. A little. Yeah the Sheila that aren't that the bad enough but now. And I. After the buzzer. Healing and yeah. And it had. I. It's enough me and Gavin. Fuji is. Ready or not. You're so close it's really get the title right. And he just couldn't get to studios. Yeah. Could really give you credit for Lauren how how do you can deal. I know now my name's DeVon got the lead in court in point old school smackdown the wake up call. Deval. Oh yeah. DeVon. Songs thought how bizarre. And. Three citizens do. One and now. You know everything got paid well. Has the. She's. Gaby. How bizarre. Kiwi dreary day. You know they Lauren Ellie and Lauren. Let's see breeze or Veronica ideas which I'm in. Recent would you guess. How they got a 18. Failed problem. And I. And I. I got what are you drink beer and watch your thing bid. I agree and I. Tiger all winner picks tickets today breezes at picking VIP tickets to the capital beer fest on March 3 at capitol mall and tickets are available congratulations. You'd think you'd get a new I just playing Veronica outward it'll give but these tickets to kids bop live on July 16 to Papa Murphy's bar to Casey can take the kids at a time right yeah you gotta think solicit and have a great day okay guys.