Old School Smackdown 2-22-18

Thursday, February 22nd

The Wake Up Call plays Old School Smackdown for a chance to win Kidz Bop or Beer Fest Tickets. 


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The wakeup call. School smacked down time. To find out who is the wrong. Of the old school universe. I winners pick today we have a pair of tickets to see kids Bob. July 16 Papa Murphy's park for the California state fair or you're 21. VIP tickets to the at 2018 capital bigger fast on March 3 but over a 125. Res twenty food vendors. Big big. I'm high and up from Elk Grove good morning. M why your plan a Gavin this morning okay. Are any dog for me this city good morning. Aren't you playing with Katie this morning okay. Yeah. And our rules are easy double play some clips for some old school songs Gavin and Katie if you think you know the answer yelling your name. I title and artist at the point or closest to it. Hi Anna and Don if they don't get in you guys think you know it shout out your name and you have a chance to steal okay. Dedicating as ready irony pilots keep it up all schools smackdown on the wake up call yeah. TD. First of the month bone thugs and her. South. Member stinky bone and. And wickedly well again I'm not gone through this yeah and don't throw the Bono and no I don't T shirt yes I mean crazy bone and appreciates the love. Busy not as much as loving god. Please don't know I'm doing is I'm not doing this again I congratulations kitty on the point think you. Let's go to an excellent and honest and analysts preempt old school smackdown on the wake up call. Gavin. The offspring. Kids are alright. Wow. Well why don't allow it did not know the name that song fits you don't you settings he he got it right. Yeah how does that Yang again I was against. Well there really aren't that many offspring songs through guest rooms there are times there are banners like oh. David that's all. That badly that knows so little about them and their sons and you also know anything about the valve and I'd you know. I also call the. I don't know I guess they. Lead singer of that band. Dexter somebody in Holland he has like two Ph.D.s and the college professor Malia used. The lot have a battle. Jimmy you really limited so shocked that he got the right. About them their first found smash and none tonight. Thanks and it's just expect are all tied up 11 all school smackdown here's an Exxon. It. Heating and that's stays sound that's needs child bill built the tracks. That's sounds pleasant performed. Bit this fake keyboard sound effects. Crapping on every song that is in here we'll have I'm just impressed that we've gotten but we are also mark Edberg. And I never happened enigmatic and practicing and I appreciate the effort put into. I'll IIK is up to one if you get the game point on this one excellent up old school smacked and here we go. Carl. Me and and no good afternoon good as I just didn't think his son. I think maybe yeah. Previous landlord. Fergie. I think that's an end song. I don't get it deep that's what they couldn't figure out. I don't know if you bring in. And Gavin. In gloves just in love. Bit. I don't even now it's in blu Cantrell. I'd daughter and I you as a UNAIDS steel. And I and I. And not eat. It checked. Don last chance. Ernie loves it now. And I think he would be I would get the point. Blank I. Thirteen. One Z and me. Giving it another way and congratulations. Odd that means I don't mind your Victor today. He did well you pick your tickets you concede kids Bob at Papa Murphy's parts of California steed fair or you can get VIP tickets to capital offense which when you wanna go to. Obviously yeah all right excellent choice. And I am now lets you lock away empty handed out we're gonna put you up to diss set to get to kids bop live okay. Yeah no problem pixel and have a great day got.