Old School Smackdown 4-19-18

Thursday, April 19th


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The wake up call. Time for the old school smacked down. Up for grabs me at a pair of tickets to see Ryan Cabrera April 30 at tag gold field. It gives see and check out. Check out. Watching him do his most popular song. He's going to do over IQ and A with the audience about what it was like to have sex with a Ashlee Simpson. That's not confirmed but the rank of where the message boards do say that that possibly could happen. I recommend then to all and everyone who's gonna go shout questions at him during his sent a Q when they go up just. It while he's performing a all this on C yeah. Just yell out questions and he'll appropriately give the answers he might even incorporate the answers into the songs out OK okay that sounds. Sounds like I need a reason songs plural. I mean he is. Said toward Casey is multiples are an album I saw. I caught up cool what's it in the Kevin from Lincoln good morning. Martin your lightly Katie this morning okay. So very. And is it Perez. Farrah hair that's pretty. Attack in journey Kevin's phonetic spelling on that was little off on a pair are good morning. Not a pilot Gavin this morning okay. All right I will play you guys says some old school clips Gavin in JD do you think you know the answer shout out your name closest to the great dancer gets the points. I've Gavin and Katie don't know the song Kevin and Carroll got to UOK and he's just shouting your name if you think you know the answer. All right you guys ready go Gavin Katie ready right here we got a song number one old school smackdown on the wake up call yeah. I guess you don't. Is there. And then. Does the song that plays a literary. Your sense of my dad. Keep that. And yeah. That's a question. Okay Gavin. Schneider Dowayne. Sat down arm. Mile and. I'm eighteen and Faith. Hill. I hope. Room. I kept her parents. Now nobody. Not nobody and so annoys. Leann Womack I hope you dance. Piece of of the Intel has been some ice. And actually easy goes. But the thing I aimed. Hope for more than anything is I hope rights rights I know why now an excellent old school smackdown yeah. We can tell me and says yeah we should probably be nets this. We've text message. TV. Turn the lights on beyoncé. Oh yeah me and games. You plan on my. Yeah. I. Governor Perry on McGee yes. Kevin. Are still at a Barack. No nothing and beyoncé sweet dreams. All married in the. I can't see it as well Mack gets an extremely famous song hey I doubted I don't ready to go you're anybody out here yelled schools smackdown. If you look. It was not a proposal to. I got grain. You sit. Yeah. Gavin. IP is what would you do. Okay ask. Mean. All my god Latin. What would you kill him. I am. Nellie. It's. Erik Kevin you wanna steal. Oh yeah and does that and no one knows the song. He cheater pod and Katie are Gavin gets the point eight blackmail me as I know it when call what would you do well. Hi. I. Have. A good strategy I'm. Same answer but I won't be at. Odds by city time city. Yeah. I hear there's a nano and it easy entry losers. Dental and they got high half from. Hate Clinton. You should see this for tomorrow when I won't play tomorrow that's why did you turn to. You know what killed this long battle net 11911 and I was tired angry and came out like literally like. A month before 9/11 and why why would that killed thought nobody wanted to have fun after I'm Bryant. And the song itself on. And Nina and I am hearing him I don't know about. My Gammon is very true see you online. But by it and and expect an effort mammals like forty years old like maybe reflect. A kind of get at that and Syria are. I'm magazine. That was good but there's Exxon on the old school smackdown. I stopped now. I made up acting like it's sick about it they'll stop deal it is to. Do. To. Immediately. Oh my god bless. You Howell. Police them. They do is used to the rat pack then it it. Big huh yeah that she had name have. And my neck my back by. Tom. I got my iron. I my parents did this and I. And I can I don't remember I think police again. I Teva and our parent. Parent parent. I am I. Kevin last chance. Though I kinda now all right loud technically Gavin. Yeah. It's by eight. Art and art cover rides. And yeah. You know that entirely brains out of three isn't dame comes in Philadelphia good odds. But what grade are tired of the day. Yeah and saw and then now while not bend. Yeah. Yeah. I'm Derek congratulations. Ali gets you great tickets to see Ryan Cabrera a gold field on April 30 you're gonna go have a great time okay.