Old School Smackdown 4-20-17

Thursday, April 20th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of the Old School Smackdown to give away a pair of tickets to Cap City Comedy show:


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The wake up call. We owe us some songs. We're playing for you guys Gavin de issues playing for a wake up call list and. Police from a rose don't see memo from hey good morning at. Analysts and sell again this is fun because you're really not your enemy sit back enjoy the music and hope Gavin gets more than TD and at your. You are playing against Cristina firm's interest sides Christina good morning. I don't let me I never oblige you wealth so whenever I. All right so a museum of play these clubs these guys they'll buzz in by saying their name then they get one guess to turn name artist and song and the end someone doesn't either from get. Any of it right others go with what I think is even the most entertaining or the best got a closest whatever one point per song spurs with the most points at the end will win second row tickets. To the comedy show on Sunday night cap and economies. We get an unlimited last part of MetroPCS south. Are you guys ready I think so I do you feel like Amy does. All right okay it would give you guys hang up about twelve minutes I just got it. It was fast church yeah I had I had already heard earlier let's daylight song and number one old school smackdown let's start with the I think is the hardest. Okay. Yes. Respect and I sure learned to love you. His dad's. Just don't. You enjoy life you had. Knowing smile did he need. Jason you're alone. And love love is and others. We'll look things. Up my man this is so hard but you would it was your guess again let me love real. By usher her shook her share there's always an original bidders close and close an occasion. They didn't change came very close he's like. He. Did indeed the wrong. It was closer than we used said that's for the that's the bad giving Gavin appoint only because he. He got some of the song title right. And let me love you by Mario. And the real bad way to get a point on the aria okay you shouldn't feel proud about in sugar and it's also has high rarely feel proud about anything out. And that is. Let's get to some of the reasonable let's hear appeared here let's get you as when he needed to an easy one. Yeah she has won an easy one here examines a I 11 when scrubbing pointy guys. They're really out of the garbage point we got his own games played I get them one other let's do this here in the nice one here on in the wake up call. But. Broke in the I. Because the gun it's. Through the missed none. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Acts and got the parents again and you're not NN. Am too. And didn't just roll says the forgotten. Tragedy by the way the bad song went completely dashed against the rocks of obscurity. Like a lot and I was a member yet it was everything. I don't laugh laugh. September 10 I'm no doubt it was it was a building and they know I don't know yet but hey at Izod the next again you get this turned right you just sweep in the end over. An old school smackdown you're in the wake up on this is looking really good for you Amelie. Next wine. Into the last. Yeah. And it's I mean I understand your bed by Gavin pair more. 321. Misery Mal business the misery. We keep going. Misery business. I hope I am aren't gonna do it gave. And wait though do you really windy really no idea how much immediate and mark misery business. I was not just today's cameras music now first time. Jason. I can't come out. Her body. Love for a little while so much and stop talking about Osama marry a married man. I told my wife that's OK I. Isn't there and so here isn't there I so and they Katie came back into this for as much as that was a Garber went for Katie you had a worse coverage points. Drew a line down to them are one more of these right Andy you will win. Well now. That's on preaching and eat. And that's daddy. You mean some of well. And okay. There's so much. Bring this upon Detroit news informal give and we'll. I use I. There's a way. Of knowing if there's refresh every. Yeah every sometime Dow plunged what is. Time is thirty seconds and he examined gal guy notorious BIG yeah. They pop. In now. He changes me sometimes that just can't make his parents are giving him. I. Do the Debbie what how they did such a good job of overcoming the adversity of the speech impediment to this speech a little. You yeah. There's some and is now because instead it's come down to NASA old school smackdown ladies say hello to your brace yourself for what could be a crazy conclusion here you're adding. Yeah I think salvage my great great great here we go now. Yes it is in the membrane. Unity. It's aliens into brands and are going to be intense close and elsewhere in Iran and talk. And there's nothing I could not feel good about myself if you were to do that. It's just because someone put. They've dropped it was like a forty foot tall bond with. It's mostly for. Anyway I'll be and I am so sorry family loves Gavin lead you on to make you think he was get a kick but it is guest speakers in any ladies on as what I do best. I. I don't know how old that was impressive Qaeda nice thing about it now yet you said the proceeds Christina Felicia out again. That's city comedy weekend of unleaded last Kyra MetroPCS Sunday night more auditorium tickets can be purchased over 118 and up on such caps city comedy series died. Tom congratulations. And thank you love for lists in the wake up call.